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Rose OFFline (Online)

WorfWorf Member Posts: 264

Due to excessive shops opened for literally DAYS on end, you will wait and wait and wait for a spot just to play on one of the THREE servers that are almost always "Exceeded" on number of users.

First time was over 12 hours just to get in to play the game.

This is a very decent game but the excessive wait just to play IS going to cause a lot of people that want to play the game go somewhere else.

Oh well...

I've e-mailed them with little to no response.

Guess that I'll have to find something else to play.



  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    I think 60-80% of all players ingame are in "shop mode". Not having some kinda central auction (like in WoW or FFXI) is just stupid in a new mmorpg.
    Player shops can be good but like always they are EVERYWHERE in EVERY town, even in the oasis you have people in a shop so they dont get booted because of "avatar limit".

    I managed to get my hawker to lvl 30 (another one to 24, soon to be dealer 12) but having to click over hundreds (not a joke) of times to get into the channel is too much. (Game worlds are called channels in RoseOnline).

    Only reason they havent stopped accepting new accounts is to get more attention. They also really need to make a manual, even the simplest things need to be written down because ingame help isnt active/working.

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