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im looking to create my own server in a mmorpg but i can't find the program for it. If you have any advice or if you have a program i could use feel free to email me at [email protected].




  • TranquilityTranquility Member Posts: 171

    Most mmorpg's dont allow player run servers. But maybe if you would tell us what mmorpg you want to run we could help you out, allthough i doubt its legal, and i doubt you have the connection to support it. 1mb/sec up and downstream wont get you very far image.


    If you want to create your own mmorpg and run a server for it, then try player worlds (search for it on google). It wouldnt be anything better-looking then a snes game, and wont be any more challenging that Ultima Online minus the Ultima part :D. So basicly you will have something online.


    Now if you need some help on programming your own server, i might be able to help you out with some basic stuff. I had my own little text based mmo game which supported over 6000 players (tested it with 2074 player simutaniously, and it worked perfectly).

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