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I want a new mmo

i want a new mmo. i want something i can get wrapeed in and loose my life to, and a game that is original, and not like evry other one of them out there.


  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Originally posted by xela501
    i want a new mmo. i want something i can get wrapeed in and loose my life to, and a game that is original, and not like evry other one of them out there.

    Second Life, but its more of an "artistic" game/programming. Entire game world is an "sandbox" where people show of their works, you can make soldiers & add damage into your zone & have a shootout if you want. Some talented people add light effects to their creations.

    Thats what I have heard, havent tried it since I have 0 talent for arts.

  • xela501xela501 Member Posts: 21

    i played that for a while, and did not like it much. I currently have SWG, but i cant bare it ne more after the CU, i played CoH from launch till around a month ago, and i played EQ2 and stoped, i disliked it. I hope that helps

  • jackman11118jackman11118 Member Posts: 399

    Try the matrix online. it has a story (which is rare). they have a new, fun, cool looking combat system.

    its the best sci fi ive played in a long time. the movies werent that great, but the game is. dont think just becuase the movies where bad the game is bad, its not. ive been playing it a lot, its got me more hooked than WoW ever could.


  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    Wait for Age of Conan, it looks like pretty original.

    Hopefully it won't turn out to be a copy of Guild Wars, which would be deeply disappointing.

  • Veiled_lightVeiled_light Member UncommonPosts: 844

    eve online

  • xela501xela501 Member Posts: 21

    o i forgot to add matrix and eve to that list, sry. i played both of them. I am a huge fan of the matrix, but the matrix online was not that fun. The combat blowed. Eve i did not enjoy. Im more into fantasy

  • tallsmartmantallsmartman Member Posts: 53

    Wait for MEO (Middle Earth Online [its name might have changed]), it's going to be fantastic. But as a side note, an MMORPG as what you make of it, people don't often realize the extreme value of an active in game community. If you want it to be completely immersive, find and join a RP clan, OR create your own story in game. RPing will really make it immersive, and it can't be done without some effort. I know there is RPing in pretty much every game, you just need a solid and creative leader who comes up with a good foudation for a story, and I don't mean scripted, they just create a "situation" and everybody else decides which side to go with, or how to effect things. I heard CoH had a REALLY good one, but I havn't played that, so I couldn't say for sure... anyway, that's my 2 cents ^_^


  • xela501xela501 Member Posts: 21

    thats called roleplayin, and thats wut i do when i play, yes i own elf ears, sadly. MEO i have been lookin into, and it looks pretty good, however, i am not that huge of a LOTR fan. Im looking for a really original game. thats unlike ne other

  • FalconoffuryFalconoffury Member Posts: 555

    The AC2 expansion comes out in 4 days, and that's very original.

    AC2 free trial

  • KrimBladeKrimBlade Member Posts: 27

    Guild Wars is the best CORPG (competitive online RPG) out IMO.  This game isn't for everyone so I'll give you a run down of what it is like before you make any hasty decisions.

    Unlike WoW where you play for a week and there is nothing left to do or EQ2 which has nothing fun at all, GW has many quests and they are all rewarding and fun.  The lvl 20 cap doesn't mean END GAME.  It is where the game actually starts and where 90% of the quests are.  Also the hunting requires strategy instead of endless grinding of the same thing unlike L2.  PvE, GW takes the cake.

    People who like to grieve and jump other players will not like this game.  All PvE situations are done on the players own map where only you and your party plays.  This way there is no KS and no PKing.  Most people like this however, aside from the grievers, some people prefer to be able to interact with more people than just your party in PvE missions.

    PvP in GW is the best hands down and in many cases makes up to the people who like to interact more in PvE.  There are three types of PvP.  Arena is where you are randomly put into groups and the two groups go against each other.  Tournament is where you can select team your on for a tournament style of play.  Then there are the actual Guild Wars.  You and your guild form parties and take on other rival guilds to increase your rank.  Also all PvP is more strategy than grinding for weapons which is what really makes it the best.

    Also there are many expansions to the game to come.  All of which will add even more content to lvl 20 players and new land to explore as well.  You have to buy each expansion but not having it doesn't make the game unplayable.  Some people say that because of no monthly fees it won't work out this way.  But really I believe it will do just fine.  Think about it this way.  You pay $10 a month to play a game and get a free expansion every three months.  Isn't that the same has having no monthy fee but getting a $30 expansion every 3 months?  That being said I believe the expansions will do just fine in both quantity and content.

    Just my 2 cents on the subject.

  • xela501xela501 Member Posts: 21

    lol funny story bout gw, i played in all the betas, got the final version of the game, and then 2 hours after playin, i sold it to my freind. lol

  • KrimBladeKrimBlade Member Posts: 27
    Sorry to say but two hours isn't near enough time to judge any game.  Even if you played in beta, there is always more when the game is released.  But that is your opinion and you have the right to dislike the game.
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