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Down to the last 2 Choices

Ok, I'm getting a mmorgp this week and i've played a bunch of games and stuff and narrowed it down to these.

Everquest 2
World Of warcraft

Everquest 2 has better graphics and cooler looking spells

and i dont know much abou WoW

Someone give me guidance... please i need it... i want lots of posts about it.

I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To.


  • TranquilityTranquility Member Posts: 171
    Honestly ? I wouldnt pick either, but if i had to choose, i'd pick World of Warcraft.
  • RammurRammur Member Posts: 575
    honestly if your into spells and graphics if thats it id say quit playing MMORPG's but if your into the game play itself go WoW more to offer.
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    WoW, hands down.

    If you have no life, and like to play boring and frustrating game, then EQ2 is for you.

    WoW is fun and quite solid game, it is not for me, but I reckon that for its genre is the best.

  • necbonenecbone Member Posts: 358
    go with wow....then in a couple months try eq2.....you dont have to pick sides...
  • Veiled_lightVeiled_light Member UncommonPosts: 844

    EQ2 has trial of the isle!

    It doesn't show you the whoel game but it will give u a feel to see if you like it or not :P


    Personally i would say EQ2

    mainly due to they have a patch nearly everyday! Servers are stable and WOW was ruined by the honour system :P

    Theres others too EQ2 tends to be more mature and it has alot of nice lore and legend quests :)

    WOW has no player housing it has no economy and crafting is crap : Full of kiddy spammers etc etc! It just felt like a kids version of EQ


    So personally i'd go with EQ2 and hey it's getting pvp so :P


    Personally i don't like EQ2 or WOW but if i had to go back to playing one it wud be EQ2

  • MarkuMarku Member Posts: 452

    WoW i would go for man. But its focused on PvP mainly. EQ2 is Solo focused,which IMO is against the purpose of MMORPGS in the first place.


  • jackman11118jackman11118 Member Posts: 399

    Originally posted by Marku

    WoW i would go for man. But its focused on PvP mainly. EQ2 is Solo focused,which IMO is against the purpose of MMORPGS in the first place.

    theres no way EQ2 is more solo friendly than WoW. that would be impossible. nobody groups in WoW inless your there to do a elite quest. which is maybe 5 times out of 5-10 levels.

    neither are that great. but if i had to choose id go with EQ2. its got a more mature community (or so ive heard).


  • ThorongilThorongil Member Posts: 38

    Both are good games and it depends on what you want.

    If you want flashy graphics then get a single player game because no MMORPG ever comes close to the best single player games. But EQ2 has good graphics in terms of detail. Alot of people say the characters look "plastic" but that's a psychological reaction to high detail graphics that have insufficient animations to look really alive.

    EQ2 is very group centric compared to other games. It has a large and complex crafting system as well that will take quite some time to master if you are into that sort of thing and you can level as an adventurer independent of your levels as a crafter. EQ2 has a raid based endgame that takes 24 people max on a raid so the EQ2 PVE raids are smaller than WOW (40 man cap) or EQ1 (72 man caps).

    WOW is very solo friendly but at heart is still also a group centric game. You must group to do elite quests at the intended level and you must group to do raids (both PVE and PVP) as well. WOW's end game branches in multiple directions. There are extremely rare drops for people who play in single groups. There are frequent drops from boss mobs but these can take 10-40 people to kill in a raid depending on the boss mob, and there are extremely good rewards for the best PVPers but only a very few can earn those on any one server.

    What you choose though depends on what you like and you've not said much about that so we really can't do more than just describe the games.

    The adventure is in the journey itself.

  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    both games are lacking in several key aspects. i would go with eq2 and get a station access plan then you can play eq,eq2,swg,planetside and every other game they have.. to me its the best value in gaming.

  • Blood_HawkBlood_Hawk Member Posts: 86

    Just go with neither, research a little further and find a game that will be coming out later this year that might actually be worth your time and wait for it like most of us do lol.

  • ikraikra Member Posts: 339

    how about GW? just a thought


  • vintageonevintageone Member Posts: 60

    Ok wow, ive changed my mind... getting guild wars
    w00t w00t ^^

    I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To.

  • ikraikra Member Posts: 339

    wellp, im happy to hear that cuz im a GW fan myself.. Despite all of those other peoples critics you made a wise decisioin... =]


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