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How much do you spend time on your computer?

I have been inactive on MMORPG.com for about a month, but I have been checking the boards early every week. I havent seen never a question like this here, so I decided to ask it. How much time you basically spend with your computer in one day, the time you be with your computer in work is not counted. Tell us the truth, we want to hear it. ::::33::

And acutally ive been away from the boards because I started to play DAoC about month ago too, I just have to say... Its a great game! (lvl 22 paladin on Excalibur (EU) server). But ive been thinking about to try out WoW, but I think I will play DAoC after that. And I think the WoW players too who left from DAoC. You max out a char in WoW in about 1 week of playing, and get bored in about 3 weeks of playing. And after that you come back to DAoC where you did left.

Lol, dont care about my Off-Topic text, just had to say that. ::::02::


  • TranquilityTranquility Member Posts: 171

    I sit at my computer ehmmm 4 hours per day ? I play computer games about 2 per day ... But its not really fair, because i work as a programmer, so if im at home i generally do finish up some work or check out some stuff about it.

    I used to sit at my computer for about 8 hours per day back when i was a student though image.

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    3-4 hours weekdays

    up to 10 hours weekend days

  • jackman11118jackman11118 Member Posts: 399
    5+ hours after school on the weekdays, 7+ on the weekends. (inless i have scouts, football practice, football tournament practice,or homework that really needs to get done.)


  • fawdfawd Member Posts: 367

    either my gf is on me, or she is talking online...  I dont get on very much... only about 7 hours a day

    i wish :P

  • tummblertummbler Member UncommonPosts: 267

    2 hours a day maybe..

    my parents get on me if i stay on longer


  • DrimacusDrimacus Member Posts: 82

    I split from 3-8 hours a day between computer, TV, and PS2.

  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    about 10 hours a day.

    and to your off topic, you can get max lvl in DaoC faster than you can in WoW. and you wont get 60 in a week, my guess is if you are 22 after a month in DaoC(guesstimating your time spent playing) it would take you abotu 3 months to get to 60 in WoW.

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