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Best mmorpg

Hello folks,

I'm thinking of buying a new MMORPG, since I don't have to go to school for a week :D.
I don't know which MMORPG I should buy and need your help.

What's the best skill-based MMORPG with pvp and more than 500 people online?

Also, please answer my little poll.

Many thanks in advance,


  • MarkuMarku Member Posts: 452

    Some people find WoW boring, D&L i dont know alot about and dont always expect it to turn out how you want it. most of these companies almost always ruin the games :-/

    I keep hearing good things about Asheron call though, might be a worth a try?


  • Veiled_lightVeiled_light Member UncommonPosts: 844
    i say eve online requires the most skill
  • TranquilityTranquility Member Posts: 171
    Never played a mmorpg before ? If so you might wanna read up on Ultima Online. I think for a fresh mind it can be very entertaining image
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    AC2 for Fantasy theme

    Eve for sci-fi

    PS: You could try SWG too, it has a new Combat System, it might appeal to you.

  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    Originally posted by Ronald7
    What's the best skill-based MMORPG with pvp and more than 500 people online?

    Would I be wrong in thinking that "skill-based MMORPG with pvp" means a non-level based game? Hence, strike out WoW from that list. Strike out AC2 from that list.

    Looking at the released games, I only see 4 choices:

    1. Eve Online
    2. Guild Wars (yes, levels up to 20 for the PvE side)
    3. SWG (I think the 'levels' are just a representation of skill achieved? Can anyone confirm?)
    4. UO

    Now, for the other part of the criteria, "500 people online", I take to mean simaltaneously? Strike out UO, unless I'm horribly misinformed. That leaves 3 choices. I would advise you to read up on the reviews for these games in this forum and the specific game forums over on the left hand side of your screen ('Released Games') as they are quite different from one another.

    If I interpreted your question correctly, you will find it extremely hard to find a skill-based PvP MMORPG with more than 500 people. Very few and far between.


    "If you think I'm plucky and scrappy and all I need is love, you're in way over your head. I don't have a heart of gold or get nice. There are a lot nicer people coming up. We call them losers."

  • ThorongilThorongil Member Posts: 38

    Depends on what he means by "skill based". AC2 has levels but the game is an annoying hybrid of character stats/skills and player skills. Melee characters rely on character stats and skills to hit, evade, etc. But if a missle based character attacks, a player can evade their missiles by evading like in an FPS. This leaves most missile classes as comparative gimps in PVP (except the raider who can mudball you in place). Discuss this with the "fans" of AC2 and they call it a feature. The truth is that it's more of the half-done nature of that game, launched way before it was ready, and still full of nasty holes like this that the fans have become so used to that they consider it a feature instead of a design flaw. As for 500 people online, that's about AC2's total population on its last 3 servers and one of those has about 50 a night (Darktide, the fulltime PVP server). AC2 is not a good choice for someone interested in a game with a longer term future.

    On the topic of "skill based" games, yes, SWG uses "levels" as a calculated number to show relative strengths between combatants, both PVE and PVP. You don't gain levels, per se, but as your skills increase your relative level increases in that area.

    The adventure is in the journey itself.

  • Gules_AspenGules_Aspen Member Posts: 273

    For Sci Fi, Eve.

    Fantasy, Saga of Ryzom. I finally broke down and saw it for about $6.50 at Gamestop, and decided to try it- and am surprised at how complex and interesting it is.

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