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Mount and Blade: Warband CRPG/strategus

Mount and Blade was a pretty fun game, and the warband expansion added a really fun multiplayer option much like a medieval version of counterstrike.  The mod friendlyness of Warband has allowed a unique situation to occur.  The cRPG mod for moutn and blade warband let characters gain levels, upgrade stats, buy equipment; in short progress their character pretty significantly.  The mod does not have a persistant world, but rather maps like a standard FPS.  But this is where another mod, called strategus comes in.  The strategus mod consists of a web based world map with towns, villages, and castles that players can attack.  The web browser allows you to recruit troops and buy gear for the troops.  When you attack a village ect or a player, the web program schedules a battle in 24 hours and gives you the chance to hire other players to fight on your side.  Each troop you have in your army gives your team 1 respawn, so 1000 troops equals a thousand respawns.  Gear from the cRPG mod does not carry over, but your character does.  Gear is determined by the army commander who purchases a certain number of weapons, each weapon allows a player to spawn with it once.  So far, there are hundreds of players populating cRPG servers, more so than are playing the original game.

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