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Is extended worth bothering with?



  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    Originally posted by cheyane

    You guys have made me very curious. I have 2 accounts on EQ one for Freeport side and one Qeynos with like I don't know 12 crafters ,yes 6 on each side and yes I am certifiable.  I just loved the decorating and other aspects of EQ 2 so I was not going to be without a carpenter on each side. I raised them up with the old crafting system so just think about  how much time I sunk into that. Now I am like 65 or so the highest level I have so I am not at the raiding part but I did enjoy the game immensely but it was hard to get groups then plus I actually departed from my usual healing route to play a ranger so even harder.


    Now if I try extended and I do not want the bag restrictions I do not mind race restrictions what do I have to get which type ? What other restrictions are there ? Are there quest or zone restrictions ?

     For complete bag access I think you need a gold subscription, which gives you access to pretty much everything except any content in the latest expansion, Sentinels Fate (for 80+ characters) and most races beyond the 4 everyone has access to.

    Beyond that, their are no quest/zones restrictions, complete access to the game just like the live servers.

    edit: If you are interestedi n Sentinels Fate, and you are on a gold or lower membership, I think you would just have to pay for the expansion like usual.

  • JenadaraJenadara Member Posts: 95

    I don't see how people can say the Extended server is the only server with a population.  Do you not see Antonia Bayle on your list?  The load there is in the red a lot of the time!


    Extended is a waste of money in my opinion, but I am a serious gamer and tend to be on a lot.  Gold sub is basically the same price as a sub on Live, but you still can't get to 90 unless you pay for the ridiculously priced platinum sub.  If you do the math there, platinum is more than paying 15 bucks a month.   Once you get to 80, you'd want better gear and get all the better lvl 90 stuff.  I just think paying for Gold is a waste when you can get way more for the same price on live.

    People who want to make guilds have to pay for them w/station cash on the Extended server.

    Crafting economy has more competition with the marketplace(station cash) on EXtended because they sell crafted stuff for real money there.  So if you like crafting a lot, and want to make good game moneys, I wouldn't even touch Extended.

    Also if you play very little, they have short subscription plans for like a weekend only, for example, on the live servers.

    All in all, if you see yourself not ever getting close to the maximum lvl and don't give a crap about crafting, then you might enjoy the bronze sub on Extended.  Keep in mind, you cannot transfer characters from the Extended server to a Live one.

  • WarhawkeWarhawke Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Originally posted by someforumguy

    Bad :

    - crappy launcher that is bugged for many players for which they still dont offer the normal launcher as alternative.

    I think that the customer service and launcher is making them losing a lot of players atm. I mean, someone who upgraded to gold or plat and then gets dropped back to silver, but cant reach support about it because its the weekend lol. Thats so 90s.

     I agree about the launcher. Loaded the game yesterday and played for 1 hour. Was happy with game and tried to get back in today and says need to reload. When I try to reload all it gives me after 30 mins is the desktop icon and thats it. If they fix this might try again.

  • valkyriepcvalkyriepc Member Posts: 48

    Originally posted by alacres

    Originally posted by vanderghast

    Unfortunately, yes.  it's the only EQ2 server with a population.  the game isn't crippled enough to frustrate you and you can easily level all the way to 80 without spending one cent assuming your not a broker player.  Even then it's only 10 bucks to upgrade to silver and be able to buy.


    This might change after the server merges, but extended is the only server with an actual playable population.

    Completely false. There are several live servers that still reach heavy populations during peak hours, and even in the late night/early morning hours (when I usually play on AB) they're are plenty of people around, especially when you start getting a bit higher level.

    Extended might have a healthier low level population but to say that none of the live servers have "playable" populations is just nonsense.

    My characters were all on Crushbone and im thinking of returning. Any idea on how crushbones population has been? It used to be pretty healthy, hopefully it still is.

  • WightyWighty Member UncommonPosts: 699

    To fix the Launcher issue what works for me is simply use the launcher to update game and use the Everquest2.exe to launch it normally.


    Works like a champ...

    What are your other Hobbies?

    Gaming is Dirt Cheap compared to this...

  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862

    Originally posted by valkyriepc

    My characters were all on Crushbone and im thinking of returning. Any idea on how crushbones population has been? It used to be pretty healthy, hopefully it still is.

    Number three, after AB and Nagafen.

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