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Some light reading on sociology and eve

Krzy5iuKrzy5iu Member Posts: 17

Hi, I recently wrote an essay using Eve Online as a case study.

The content is not particularly revealing and the conclusions may appear obvioous but since it got 90% I thought people might be interested in reading it. It is bascially about Durkheim's ideas of what makes a society cohesive and the aspects of Eve Online that breakdown that cohesion.

The essay is a sociological piece and is based on the theorist Emile Durkheim. We were told to apply Durkheim's ideas to a case-study of either the food industry or an internet community -I jumped at the opportunity to use Eve Online as it is a spectacular example.

I reference the suicide attacks on mining barges but I do not think I got the details right, I know this.

This is entirely Durkeim's ideas. I have just applied his thoughts to Eve Online.

Please do not reproduce or upload.

The link: http://eve-files.com/dl/231901


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247

    Very interesting. I think, though, if you look at the corps/alliances in EVE Online as the societies, as opposed to the universe of EVE Online as the society, you'll see that the system doesn't break down, rather strenghens.

    Was a fun read! I really enjoy reading comparisons of real world and virtual world that take the refereshing approach of actually looking at player behaviour above and beyond the tired topics of addiction and virtual item sales.

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