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sundropsundrop Member Posts: 67

Is there a FAQ for it? I was a long time sub with every expansion including CE's.


Im just wondering it I get any of these if I convert from Paid to Extended


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    Originally posted by sundrop

    Is there a FAQ for it? I was a long time sub with every expansion including CE's.


    Im just wondering it I get any of these if I convert from Paid to Extended

    heres the faq


    you cannot use your paid characters unless you copy them for 35.00 each

    you do have access to all claim items including LON items / Retail box promotions  -- veteran rewards EXCLUDED

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    From what I've played so far, it seems extremely limited. Gotta pay if I want to play as Shadow Knight (My favorite Class). But, I guess it's a good thing that SOE is offering a f2p version of it's flagship title. It is a great game, often overlooked and misunderstood (probably because of it's competitor WOW). You can lvl to 80 but must pay to be able to hit the lvl 90 cap. You cannot play as good or evil races, only neutral, unless you buy racepacks or whatever. Seems like an extension of the old trial client (Hence the name "Extended"?), except there is no time limit and you can go pretty much where you want, except lvl 80+ zones. Also you cannot start your own guild as a free player, though that's not a big deal, as paying customers do deserve certain advantages over free players.

  • JenadaraJenadara Member Posts: 95

    Blaaah, I hate the Extended server.  I think your money would be better used on just transferring your character to a popular Live Server.  I'm assuming you're considering Extended because you think they have a better population.  If your character is near max level, you're going to be paying a lot more on that extended server for stuff you want access to.  Just come to Antonia Bayle. :)

  • KnyttaKnytta Member UncommonPosts: 414

    The extended option is expensive yes it is, but going to a Live server might be a bad idea from another point of view because you may find yourself on a server where there is no one to group with and where you will not be very welcome at the end game either. I don't know. Personally I love the game but lack of options made me cancel recently (played since 2006), as a casual player the only options I had was to solo to 90, then solo some more and then. . .

    It may be worthwile playing on Live if  you are member of those very few guilds that actually wants and groups with new players at the end game (I dunno if the exist I never found any). If you are 90/ 250 AP in decent raidgear by all means go to AB. If you have soloed to 90 (as you have to as no one is going to group with you)  and want to get going on some tougher content in a supportive guild forget it.

    Even AB is extremely top heavy, it is very hard to get a group for any content that is group dependant especially if you are new to level 80 +.

    If you come to AB you will hear a lot of "oh we will not get any new players to the live servers, how awful" you will however notice very little done to actually absorb and group with new players that reach 80 +.  Of course if you are tough enough you may be able to sologrind all the marks needed to get good gear and then you may get a group and do some fun things, maybe. . .

    However I have heard that some of the smaller servers appreciate never players more, AB being the biggest caused a situation where you safely could ignore the new players as there always where a lot of them. There are some BIG "recruit anybody" guilds on AB but I do not think that those guilds actually will give you the environment you are looking for.

    Maybe we can get some tips on what guilds ( on all servers) that accepts new players that has soloed to 90 and groups with them and where they actually can in guild groups develop the skills needed for tougher content? I would be thrilled to find such a guild!

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