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Is the crafting system as great as it used to be at launch?

vanuvanu Member Posts: 10

Or is it dumbed down like the rest of the game seems? 


Playing the new free to play thing and it isn't as good as the one they launched with. Everything is far too easy and you can solo everything, at least the original game focused on grouping. Everyone used to group and have fun together, now everyone is running around and ignoring eachother which is sad. The combat requires no challenge anymore and it isn't fun, so I'm giving up on it.

I remember the crafting being pretty deep and being really fun sitting there with the mini game type thing in the underground guilds of Qeynos and Freeport. Just wondering if it's as good as it used to be or if they dumbed that down too?


  • SoludeSolude Member UncommonPosts: 691

    Group content has moved to the dungeons where it makes sense.  Crafting hasn't been touched much.  Solo content is easy at low levels, kind of the point of a tutorial zone.  That said EQ2 solo game is pretty easy right to 90 compared to others.  I'm playing WoW again for the first time in 4? years and its noob exerience is far less forgiving.

    Way off topic but I find it funny that people consider WoW easy when its clearly one of the more difficult MMOs to overachieve in.  In my other current MMO, VG I can solo "small group" content all day, been able to since right out of the gates but in WoW an even con solo MOB can beat me, two and I better have buffs to pop, three... just go get a drink its over.  Class dependant obviously.

  • kb4blukb4blu Member UncommonPosts: 717

    Crafting was much better when the game first started.  IMHO

    Sadly they dumbed it down.

    You used to have to depend on other crafters to supply you with materials to make things in your crafting skill.  To me this encouraged player interaction.  How ever people complained and SOE folded to the unwashed masses,

    Also the items you crafted at the start where more powerful.

    Oh well

  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    Having to rely on other players is fun for other players who make them but there is a reason the old school eq  system doesnt work its to time consuming, mmorpgs are not only for the pure hc players, besides tradecrafting should be a self reliant thing in all honesty. Be greatful your not paying plat for someone to give you a 4 hour buff.

  • JenadaraJenadara Member Posts: 95

    Crafting has turned into a grind-fest really.. The only times you have to rely on other people is when you get serious about the group craft quests from the Shadow Odyssey expansion for Far Seas Faction and also when you do the crafting epic (all the other classes have to help you). if you played the game before SO, you might enjoy a few of the other crafting quests they have added with it.

    They have added a lot of low-level crafting quests as well recently that are pretty easy and give nice rewards to break away from the monotony of the grind-fest.  (a choice of a rare material, a mount, and far seas faction/tokens)

    I just enjoy it mostly because the stuff you make is actually useful.  I wouldn't go to extended because they sell mastercrafted stuff on the marketplace for station cash.  It's bad enough I get competition from other players, but now Sony too? Hah! No thanks.

  • KilmarKilmar Member UncommonPosts: 844

    It's still better than in most other MMOs. Crafter quests, dailies, instances, epic quests, equip, ....

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