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Game with a class that melees with a staff

jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

Any games out there with a staff based class. Like the friar in DAOC but I don't want to play daoc.

Something that can specialize in melee useing a staff as a primary weapon.


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  • Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

    Wow druids... Not that you see the staff in kitteh form.

    Make it so...

  • jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

    eh yeah I would want to see the staff not be in animal form.

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  • MMOman101MMOman101 Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    Talk about giving yourself a narrow window of game play.  Good luck with that. 

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  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Vindictus > Play as Evie

    Mount and Blade > Use a quarterstaff and nothing else

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  • jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

    It's jsut somthing to pass the time right.

    I know alot of MMOs and I like the concept of this but I honestly cannot think of any class in any game that does it besides DAOC friar. I bet there is some EQ class or somthing that does but I don't know.

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  • theartisttheartist Member Posts: 553

    EQ2 monks only other one outside of DAoC that I can recall. That you know, actually has moves and dps output. Tho' dual wielding I believe yielded a better result.

  • ZimoHZimoH Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Loremaster in Lotro.

  • GhostflameGhostflame Member Posts: 29

    Chanter in Aion.

  • jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

    Hmm gonna give the vindictus thing a shot, even though she is a mage it does show her doing some melee. Going to look into the LOTR thing while thats downloading.

    I used to play EQ 2 so I don't think I really want to go back to it and if I remeber they are best at hand to hand anyway.

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  • AchillezAchillez Member UncommonPosts: 105

    Been awhile since I played but doesn't a Chanter in Aion play with a Staff in melee range?

  • DismantledDismantled Member UncommonPosts: 121

     Check out Heroes of Three Kingdoms or whatever it's called. Think the staff was a weapon choice.

  • seigardseigard Member UncommonPosts: 286

    Chanter in aion for sure m8

    It is like kilik form soulcalibur with healing skills too

  • GamerAeonGamerAeon Member Posts: 567

    Yes HoTK had a staff wielder

    Vindictus (Only for US/Canada atm) has Evie who can melee with a staff or throw magic around and unlike your normal caster her staff is nothing to sneeze at she can beat up some Fomors with it.

  • TanonTanon Member UncommonPosts: 176

    You *can* melee with a staff Evie, but you'll also obtain the hate of the entire playerbase as a staff Evie is supposed to cast spells.

  • dnarrisdnarris Member Posts: 267

    Actually, there's some great DC universe online videos out there showing characters using a staff in combat. Pretty neat stuff. You can do a variety of melee combat moves and depending on your origin do different ranged attacks with it.

    Like a meta type with a lot of strength can swing the staff so hard a shockwave goes ripping toward thier opponent.

  • tikitiki Member Posts: 395

    Yea, I like to pick what games I play based on if there is an NPC called Vladden and is level 34 and doesnt wear gloves.

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  • Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

    Lotro Lore-Master.  And, at high level, you can acquire a skill allowing you to wield a sword and staff at the same time ala Gandalf in Minas Tirith.

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  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 6,969

    Friars in DAoC are best to date , staff wielding melee that is effective in an MMO

  • jezvinjezvin Member UncommonPosts: 804

    Thanks for the response guys, I think im going to go with vindictus because I am just looking for a quick game to pass the time althought aion is tempting.

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  • fossilfiedfossilfied Member Posts: 57

    a disciple in vanguard is a crazy staff weilding hybrid, definantly a huge amount of fun

  • TyrrhonTyrrhon Member Posts: 412

    DDO has whole prestige class devoted to staff use - acrobat rogue, usually played multiclassed with monk. Staff has arguably best combat animations in that game (well, it is not hard to beat slashing with rapiers and stabbing with hammers). DDO has action based combat - few moves but a lot of movement and acrobat rogues are very fast.

    LOTRO has Loremaster, it is CC focused mage in practise but with imagery focusing heavily on staff and with some meleeing on side. I hate getting disarmed and unable to cast, heh. Loremater has pets too. The downside is the class design leads to huge performance swings where you can get from overpowered against elites to outmatched by fodder.

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 2,984

    DC Universe allows you to melee with a staff. But it's not out yet.

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  • torigamitorigami Member Posts: 12

    I would have to agree with Monk/Bruiser in EQ2 and a Disciple in Vanguard.  All are monk-like classes, very easy to solo with, do some pretty good dps.  And, for me at least, were very fun to play.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 4,175

    Aion's chanter animations are pretty cool looking but healing is not my thing.

  • immodiumimmodium Member RarePosts: 2,581

    You could in Tabula Rasa as a Guardian


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