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LFgame with pets

gogogo271gogogo271 Member UncommonPosts: 24

I am looking for a game with a lot of pets that mount, transform, feed, train,... Or a game with massive summoning. I tried Eudemons already. Anyone got an idea ?


  • astoriaastoria Member UncommonPosts: 1,677

    if you like super hero genre, Champions Online has a lot of different pets. They just improved the UI recently based on player feedback.


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  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679
    Well... Pet like systems that i enjoyed most are from WoW, City of Villains, and Sword of the new world. They dont really evolve but i loved how you could control them rts style. Also, Megaten has demon pets used extensivly with sorta a pokemon way if you want

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  • gogogo271gogogo271 Member UncommonPosts: 24

    Thx for answer.

    I played COH/COV several months and megaten too.

    I'll try out champions online

  • Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

    Age of conan has a class that summons stuff and there are mounts and ncps

    Make it so...

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