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Troub or Dirge

infensisinfensis Member Posts: 35

Thinking of trying out the classes and wanted to know which one works better when soloing?

Anyone who has experience playing either of these classes please post experiences.




  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092

    I think both classes have a good solo potential. Question is more if you like mage or melee oriented gameplay more. Troub is a mage support class that uses it's own buffs and Dirge does the same for Melee.

    Personally, I like Troub more than Dirge (though I never played Dirge). Dirge just doesn't add enough flavour for me ;-)

  • infensisinfensis Member Posts: 35

    Thanks for the feedback!  I have taken the Dirge to level 28 so far.  Seems fun so far - but doesn't do too well against a group of mobs!  Or maybe I should say that I don't do well with this class against more than 2 mobs.

    Anyhow - I will try out the Troub next and take to same level approximately.

    So far I have tried Warden and Dirge and like them both!

  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092

    Hmm... if Dirge ca't take more than 2 mobs at a time, I think you'll like Troub a lot then ;-)

    I'm able to take up named mobs +3 levels higher than me (close, but I can), as well as 3 regular mobs (easily, leaving me on 50% HP - didn't try 4 mobs yet :p), while I don't have maxed out skills, gear and the alike (I said my guild I don't want to have their help max out all my stuff right now). And my Troub is 27 at the moment.

    For fun I did make myself a Necro now as well. So far I like that class too (level 11 though)...

  • JenadaraJenadara Member Posts: 95

    Dirges are easier to solo than a troub.  They have debuffing abilities that stack nicely with their melee damage buffs.  I have a 50 something troub and she's a bitch to take on tons of mobs.  Their buffs are mostly for casting types. I just recently got a mez that is helping a lot, and I think they fixed the casting time on my charm as well.  I'm not sure if dirges get those same abilities.  It's just hard to level in the lower levels.

    What's cool about the bard classes in general tho, is that their snare and their "spells" can all be cast while moving. So you can be a pretty bad ass kiter! :)

    I would just keep levelling your dirge, and if you want a change later,  you can on that same character.  They made it now so you can switch between the classes now without losing your ability upgrades.

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