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Everquest Next, What would you like to see?



  • DaakkonDaakkon Member UncommonPosts: 605

    I want it to be graphically spectacular as eq2 was when it was first released but I want the engine to actually be good.

    I want that sense of exploring a big world, like in EQ1


    I basically want EQ1 pre-sol, with little bits of new elements of todays mmo's

  • ReallyNow10ReallyNow10 Member UncommonPosts: 2,228

    Originally posted by Riotgirl

    What Liss and Skeaser said.

    I truly loved the EQ pre-SOL for the immersive, open world with a wealth of content - without invisible walls or feeling like I was on rails. I want the challenge once more, brutal, uncompromising death penalties; zones / dungeons that scared the beejesus out of one (basement in Unrest); and I would like every single piece of EQ, every single attribute point to be earned.

    - remove the 'Holy Trinity' (let us decide how to play)  Then all you'd have left is AOE spamming.  Seen it in WOW.

    - improve mob AI i.e. improved mob patrols, passive aggressive mobs that cower and run to find 'friends', mobs that have a wider range of tactics and ability [bosses / named], mobs that react to their environment and other mobs e.g. I would love to see the Griffon in EC swoop down and pick up a screaming Orcling, yada yada yada  Sure.

    - remove camping a spot for a spawn / eq i.e. introduce dynamic spawns, because there was absolutely nothing hard about camping a spawn for days on end  Camping did two things:  provided time for a group to talk to one another and socialize, and put a feeling of giddy dread into the game when it came time for the respawns to pop.  Was very cool in EQ1.

    - add a sprinkling of instances i.e. Ragefire as a contested spawn was not a bright idea; however, I still would like trains ;)  Instances = Fail.  Trains = great.  Really miss the trains in open world dungeons.

    - add a wide range of mounts, but make them hard to achieve i.e. either in terms of plat and/or through quests  Mounts are nice, but they tend to shrink the world.  I would opt to keep the players on foot, or at least on the ground (i.e., no flying mounts)

    - increased importance of faction / religion - not just spending days mindlessly killing goblins in WW  Sure.

    - add game-lore to quests  Sure, if it's tangible. , npc dialogues / reactions   Eeeyah.

    - actions have consequences in terms of choices players make either through quests, interaction with npcs, factions, religion, et al. A bit more flexibility over player alignment i.e. player actions should be a major force in driving alignment  Faction = Yes, Alignment = no thanks.  Good and evil are relative.  Faction, however, is concrete and makes sense.

    - reduced itemization i.e. each expansion pack became more Monty Hall in terms of ramping up item stats, effectively rendering previous EQ - and zones - as 'junk'  Maybe so.

    - please NO cash shops!  Agreed.

    Sadly, I don't expect to be playing EverQuest Next because I have low expectations of the game turning out to be anything other than EQ NGE.  I'll try it and hope it delivers.




  • tikitiki Member Posts: 395

    A game identical to Vanguard but without all of the early release bugs, i.e. original EQ.

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  • Demonspirit8Demonspirit8 Member Posts: 54

    i really liked the selling in EC but i doubt alot of ppl will like that because it takes away from there farming/grinding/stalking if they have to stand there to sell items. I did also like bazaar because you still had to go see a character that was selling the item so it at least Felt like you were dealing with a person and not just a Search window.

  • midmagicmidmagic Member Posts: 614

    Pre-velious style gearing. Meaning, that gear means very little and there is not very much of it. Can't stand how virtually all MMOs have turned into equipment grinders.

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  • TimukasTimukas Member UncommonPosts: 699

    Sometimes I cannot understand why it isn't possible to create a huge world these days when it was possible 10 years ago. I don't think SOE can make or revive Everquest. They are aiming for a large player base but all can see what happens in those MMO's these days where players are supposed to have some patience or brains - encounters become instanced and difficulty levels scaled down to please casuals who want to get max level in a month or two with single play. I'm not sure of course but I believe that an old school and hard MMO would gather quite a lot of players and fans. But in SOE case it's almost certain they would ruin the game for fans to get some more subs from loudy casuals.

  • randomtrandomt Member UncommonPosts: 1,219

    Anything that involves a sandbox feel, and possibly a skill based system, would be nice.

    Failing that, large open seamless worlds, interesting and original "classes", truly live feeling AI, especially the wildlife (ie no static spawns for anything except 'humanoid' camps and the like, and a ryzom like AI), etc, etc

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  • MuridanMuridan Member Posts: 94

    NO cash shop. straight sunscription for a flat fee.

    NO playable races that have fur, or are orcs, trolls or anything of the sort.  Humans, Elves and Dwarves only (Elves and Dwarves just barely make the cut)

    NO armor "sets" please stop the gear grind tredmil, I want to get off.

    Make craftable items be the most powerful in the game, save for a SMALL handful of uber rare items that drop once every lifetime or so. (Think Ultima Online 1997 when a "GM quality" weapon was something to fear)

    Make the armor and weapons look like proper "knights and dragons" type stuff, no Giant Final Fantasy sword six times the size of my toon. and make the freaking armor look like it should, plate armor should look like plate armor, not some spike covered glowing mess. I wanna look like a knight in shining armor!

    MINIMAL Magic!!! have a caster class, but I'm sick and tired of casters dominating every MMO ever made!

    NO CLASSES!!  Again, think Ultima Online, have a big list of  abilites and skills and let me CHOOSE what I want my toon to be! Of course youshould have a few guidelines, like if you choose magic  skills you cant wear plate armor and also swing a claymore around, but other than the obvious allow me the freedom to build up any skills I want up to a pre determined skill point cap.

    NO LEVELS!!! your character improves their skills by ACTUALLY USING THAT SKILL!! imagine that!! if I'm a swordsman I will gain swordsmanship skill by going out and *gasp* hacking stuff up with my sword!! No more level grind! get people back to just playing again.

    NO flying get a horse, he/she just runs...on the with it. NO MOUNTED COMBAT!!

    Faction based PVP....every server is the same, if you wanna pvp, join a faction, if you dont wanna pvp don't join a faction. Dont force me to declare loyalty to a faction before I've even rolled a toon. There should be benifits for those in factions, but they shouldnt be soo great that you force everyone into a faction. Vendor discounts, special faction gear that shows you are a member, that kind of stuff. NOTE: There should be an odd number of factions, 3 would be ideal, no alliances between them (unless the players make one on the spot) and a waiting period between joining and leaving a faction. (Faction hopping should be an excersize in futility if one attempts it.


    I guess I'm sayin that LESS IS MORE, and I would love a return to basics.

  • blingdingzblingdingz Member Posts: 4

    This guy nailed it for me:

    Give us an open world that is not sanitized where our consequences have SOCIAL consequences

  • LadyAlibiLadyAlibi Member UncommonPosts: 297

    Originally posted by blingdingz

    This guy nailed it for me:

    Give us an open world that is not sanitized where our consequences have SOCIAL consequences


    I liked that article. I think I would add that they should embrace emergent game play wherever it isn't game-breaking, not try to squash it. I think the most obvious examples would be dungeon camping (rather than the intended crawling) and kiting.  Give players a chance to use what you've given them in ways you don't expect, so long as it isn't flat-out exploitation. 

    I was really happy to see the return of druid, necro, and wizard kiting in Serpent's Spine, even though I didn't play those classes at that time. Kiting is associated with soloing, but I was in a lot of kiting groups at that time, and also in Dragons of Norrath.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,920

    EQnext needs to mix elements of the classic EQ as it was with new features and more modern way of playing.

    But let me point one mistake SoE did in beta of eq2 they did not listen to the majority but to a certain elite guild who was their original testers in EQ1 and insultingly defected to WoW after launch.

    Most of us pointed out for instance that  shared exp debt was a bad idea but it still went live because elitist liked it and since they only group with themselves it did not matter.

    100 subs of noobs is still 100 times more then 1 sub from elite.

  • KayfisKayfis Member Posts: 1

    My first post!!

    Everquest was my first mmo. I started playing it when I was 13 years old here is my take on why I Really Really enjoyed it. Also what I'd like to see after experienced other mmos. I read the thread posted here by wolf and hes got alot of great ideas i may overlap a bit.

    -Factions in everquest really meant somthing. Remember your buddies asking you to sell some items cause he was grouping with you in crushbone as an iksar =D. Screw this 2 or 3 alignment BS! Lets go back to basics here

    - Quicker days and nights and SIGHT! Coming out of freeport for the first time was great killing rats and orcs hehe. Then something happened! I couldnt see shit and was scared for my life I was attacked by 3 orcs and ran to the guards. Lesson learned don't go into the night w/0 lanterns or a dang wisp globe.

    - Groups.. I love to solo yes but I love groups more! I want more open world and dungen groups. Instances are okay I dont mind them. In fact my vision of eq next is raiding from the low level  to the end game should have some instances. Competition between guilds is important. Some Instanced  some Open. Just and overall mix of the two would be amazing

    - Class. Going back to less classes like in eq1 is key I think. WTF is a dirge =) Also I LOVE the memorizing spells deal. Truely keeps you on your toes and makes you think about what you might need. Maybe not as little as EQ. But not as much as in Eq2,wow,warhammer. Every spell you have should not be available at ALL times! and making pure casters have a lil more spells memmed at one time is even better. If your a caster you have alot of INT and WIS. You should be able to remember things more without booking it

    - Travel. Yes slower travel please and no flying mounts. Flying should be rare in like a very special quest. Ground mounts okay in my book as long as its a reward for very hard working players that cant be soloed and must rely on the help of others. Also again NOT SO FAST. I liked how in the original mounts sometimes were not faster than SOW. Mounts to me are more of status. No fast as mofos in our dugeons. Seeing grps in eq2 fly through dungens like they were speedways really upset me and was not fun at all to watch.

    - Death. As said before deaths need to be something to AVOID at all costs and punish people for being stupid. Maybe not corpses runs per say but like a rez sickness when you get back that maybe increses speed to get away but leaves you weakened mentally and physically for a fight. Maybe like a fleeing panic state. Only way to ease this is if  a pure healer in your group revives you and group members are STILL in combat. But still weakened to some degree.

    - Grinding vs questing. Again as someone said. Quests are something special. Not a way to level up! It's for money, loot, lore, and status. Of course you could get a nice CHUNK of xp but when there are not as many quests its not a viable way to level.

    - Loot. Leveling up decent loot should drop from mobs and help your cause out. Not as hard as eq1 was BUT not as easy as some other mmos. This brings me back to my other point Trade skills should make the same type of loot for your level assuming your capped out for your level.

    - NO FREAKIN TWINKS. I dont like twinks at all BUT you can''t truely stop twinks because it would hinder other players but again players at thier level should not need REDICULOUS gear . The best loot should come from low level raiding and should have a Level cap so higher levels can't just run you through it and get you all the loot .

    - AA OR SKILL TREES. Also to note about eq2 twinks is that the AA run were so stupid! leveling up and getting spells for your class is your reward for leveling just like in the original and aa can come later with no cap and can be turned on and be earned during grinding mobs and such. OF course level reqs for the higher tier abilities

    - more to come later im tired lol


    All and all i'd just love an open EQ world like the original just modern graphics and gameplay. I will miss that snakes can no longer kick. But hey let's move on. I hope this game is great i'm ready to move away from wow and back into EQs arms.

  • LadyAlibiLadyAlibi Member UncommonPosts: 297

    @Kayfis, some of the things you mention did change in EQ1 over time.

    Re: twinking, for instance, most gear has recommended or required level these days, for instance. With recommended level gear, the stats are scaled to your level until you reach the recommended level, so if it will have 10 STR on it when you're level 50, it might have 1 STR for you when you're level 5. Required level gear can't even be equipped until the level req is met. I thought that was a pretty good compromise.  I didn't like it when it was first introduced, but now I think the recommended level gear is a good compromise. 


    I've changed my mind about AAs over time-- I really prefer the EQ1 method of AAs these days. It's a nice reward for the time you put in to have all the AAs available, particularly when you're at level cap and there are months to go before the next expansion.


    I don't favor skill trees. Part of what made EQ1 grouping work is that you knew that most spell-using classes would have certain spells at certain levels, and you didn't have to worry about your cleric being spec'ed for damage instead of healing. Sometimes players would be missing some spells, but you could pretty much count on a cleric being a cleric, an enchanter being an enchanter, and so on.


     I mean, I see the point of skill trees, but I think sometimes they just get put into games these days because people think, "Oh, and every class has to have a skill tree, because all the other games work like that." A lot of the time, many of the skills are useless and you're forced to get them in order to get to the useful skill. It's a system that seems to be really hard to get right (or that a lot of games get wrong), so I've come to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with "your class = your role" and you do your customization in choices about what spells you load, what gear you wear, and the order in which you get your AAs.


    (Yeah, I am an idiot. Just clearing that up before anyone feels the need to tell me so.)

  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,202

    Id like to see classic eq1 gameplay in a new world.  Dont recycle the old world like they did with eq2.  Then of course revamped UI and updated graphics.  Dont go overboard on the graphics.  Make it so people with 2 year old computers can have fun too. 

  • ChieftanChieftan Member UncommonPosts: 1,188

    Alot of posts here asking for stuff that would be financially suicidal for SOE.  The best they can do is offer a hardcore path and a casual path.  Let the gluttons for punishment take the exp loss and hell level route and everybody else can play normally. 

    I like a challenge, especially where a group has to work together cohesively to overcome tough fights, but I want good rewards relative to that challenge.  2% exp per hour and a +5 to INT robe does not fucking cut it if the challenge level is that high.

    WoW almost got it right with heroic dungeons but then the challenge went away as you caught up in gear.  What I really want is a game with challenging group tactics that doesn't force you to wait 2 or more hours just to form said group.

    Put a good group finding interface in(just copy WoW with that, the LFD feature is the biggest leap in MMO gameplay since 1999) and adjust the challenge and loot accordingly for FIVE I repeat FIVE player encounters and the game will do good business.

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  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread Member EpicPosts: 7,009

    A global cooldown.


    Or at the very least, do not have 20 skills that do the same thing like they have in EQ2 currently. It's really the combat that bothers me the most in that game. Everything else is glorious.


    Edit: Chieftan... You have necroed a post and I have fallen into your trap! Why God?!

  • ghaleonx128ghaleonx128 Member Posts: 145

    I'd say a world that is designed "imperfect", a bit rough around the edges.  Modern mmorpgs have everything lined up, well organized quests ect. but original EQ had things less so I'd say.  It'd be nice to have to ask around or explore to find the area a bit, and once you get the feel of an area have it make sense, but not right off the bat. I enjoy quests/races/classes that have a bit of "grit" to it as well, gives things character.

  • Methos12Methos12 Member UncommonPosts: 1,242

    Just one thing - please, PLEASE sort out your engine and make it work. EQ2 is still unplayable because of this and all the content it has won't do it any good when you can't run the game properly.

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  • NilenyaNilenya Member UncommonPosts: 364

    Someone above wrote: Make it like Vanguard but without the early bugs, like EQ1.


    I have to giggle a bit as I read that, and wonder wether people here actually played EQ, in 1999 - because I asure you there were bugs. Some so that if they released a game with similar bugs in todays hummingbird environment you'd be burning the game and crying doom from the top of your lungs.


    /consent anyone LOL


    Ah good old days. I'd take EQ next with the bugs from EQ1 any day of the week, if it didnt come packed with todays community killing features. Like the dungeon tool from wow. It killed whatever remained of the server community feeling, and there wasnt much to begin with.

    Out with instances, in with groups making an effort together, not just to kill stuff, but to get along, and learn just a tad of social awareness. Then we can perhaps see communities like we had in the past. Without accepting the first as a necessity for the second, you'll never have those communities back.

  • HeartsdesireHeartsdesire Member Posts: 1

    I loved everquest it was the game that started it all for me , a game that I have not had that same itch to play 24/7 as I did back when I played..... I now play everquest 2 and enjoy it but its not got the same feel as I had with EQ.... and yup I am a girl gamer who may of not gotten the best loot on the game but I met and married my husband on Everquest and we now have 4 beautiful little boys....

    What I would love to see.... and yes you have me drooling at the thought of it.....


    1. A wide array of ways to customize your characters... allot like eq 2 but more hair styles, more body models, and crisp smoother looking character models that can age well that look beautiful and stunning to look at.

    2. Less is often more ... I prefered the classes on Everquest 1 than with 2 though the deverse range was good there was just to many.

    3. Get rid of the many copy fads of wow and other games ! Everquest in its original form was not dumbed down and you had according to your book enough subs to pay for the game a lifetime, in less than a few months.... look back on that and get back that passion you had back then for a game that is somthing to amaze instead of a money machine....

    4. The old law of Everquest  with more storyline or quests associated with it.......  Get your players in deep with in depth law and make us feel part of the world.

    5. Armor that matchs the time line and that is not a carbon copy of one armor style.... On everquest there was allot of fantastic armor yet on Everquest 2 you were stuck in one style that just lacked so much.... my character looked back in time instead of in the future of everquest like heck my Half-elf had a G- string on EQ yet on EQ2 the armor is sorta bland..... ( yes I am a girl player and I don't mind looking a lil sexy from time to time!)

    6. Houses and furniture I love this in EQ2 its one of the things that keeps me going.... I love decorating my house and showing it off its somthing I simply love.... *Please oh please put this in*

    7. Group and SOLO play, there are players that like to group/raid and those that prefer to solo at times.... put in enough content to keep all players happy not just one style.

    8. Tradeskills... love the EQ2 version its so well done and diverse would love to see it used again.

    9. Glowies/collectbles again I love this mini side thing its a little fun on the side !

    10. More Updating and fixing than putting out expansions.... ie. Keeping the game stable and adding free content and a expansion once a year instead of 2 or 3 .....

    11. Listen to your players !!!! yes you cannot please every one but I often wonder if you had listened back when EQ 2 was new would there be a much larger player base than there is now.....

    12. Kiting... I know this was not intended in EQ and was a exploit or cheat as such according your book but damn it felt good being a druid quad kiting....

    would add so much more but its midnight !!!!

    One last thing..... One thing I miss from games today is how on Everquest I really felt that excitement or fear ! and when I fell like off kelethin my tummy would hit the roof and not come down again.... thats how deep it was for me ! I want that feeling back .... like when going into Guk and you had dead and live side... the panic I would feel as a halfling druid having to go in the dead side knowing that the buff I had waited to get buffed on could drop in any second and yup "Train to Zone".... ahhh the days you had to work to get places.....


    Tisk Tisk Druid Halfling , and Tamica Shadowmist Druid Half-Elf of the Erollsi Marr server.... Had a blast but sad it did not last ....

  • Stewe79Stewe79 Member UncommonPosts: 40

    Agreed to Heartdiser. + i continue with my own


    13. Stay PvE as soon PvP gets involved  everyone starts to  shout for Class balance and Nerfs. That only lead to classes losing there uniqness

    And there are plenty of PvP games out there.

    But not a single PvE Oriented game thats relative new. 

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  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Originally posted by Stewe79

    Agreed to Heartdiser. + i continue with my own


    13. Stay PvE as soon PvP gets involved  everyone starts to  shout for Class balance and Nerfs. That only lead to classes losing there uniqness

    And there are plenty of PvP games out there.

    But not a single PvE Oriented game thats relative new. 


    I have to disagree with that.  If you think people aren't shouting for nerfs or comparing their class abilities/spells with other classes, then you haven't been following forum posts closely.  EQ is as PvE as it can get right now, and there's plenty of forum posts where one class is comparing itself with another.  Plenty of calls to either buff their class spells or nerf someone else's.  This was both in beta and live.


    So just because you have a PvE game, doesn't make you immune to people calling for class balance & nerfs.  That's a very big misconception.  I personally enjoy both PvE and PvP games, and have seen no matter what type of games you have, people will always complain and cry class balance.


  • Stewe79Stewe79 Member UncommonPosts: 40

    Originally posted by Mardy

    Originally posted by Stewe79

    Agreed to Heartdiser. + i continue with my own


    13. Stay PvE as soon PvP gets involved  everyone starts to  shout for Class balance and Nerfs. That only lead to classes losing there uniqness

    And there are plenty of PvP games out there.

    But not a single PvE Oriented game thats relative new. 


    I have to disagree with that.  If you think people aren't shouting for nerfs or comparing their class abilities/spells with other classes, then you haven't been following forum posts closely.  EQ is as PvE as it can get right now, and there's plenty of forum posts where one class is comparing itself with another.  Plenty of calls to either buff their class spells or nerf someone else's.  This was both in beta and live.


    So just because you have a PvE game, doesn't make you immune to people calling for class balance & nerfs.  That's a very big misconception.  I personally enjoy both PvE and PvP games, and have seen no matter what type of games you have, people will always complain and cry class balance.


    I Agree to some point with you. Especially EQ as PvE Oriented Game. Ive been playing it since  12th August 1999 and still playing. (That's what im asking for a new PvE game)

    But Class Balance & Nerfs have a higher part on a PvP game then a PvE. So the shouts of Nerfs and Class balancewill be far less on a PvE game. And People always going to compare the other classes with themself choosen classes  Especially on a PvP Oriented game.

    And im really glad some people like you disagree with me since if not there whouldn't be any discussions :)

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  • spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 852

    'groupable' classes. I always think compared to WoW Everquest was just designed better for grouping. I mean in WoW all the abilities are given to almost every class to make them proficient in soloing, that removes a unique role in a group.

  • JimmydeanJimmydean Member UncommonPosts: 1,283

    1. Combat that promotes socialization. What I mean by this is, in EQ1 you had time during fights to talk to group members if you wanted. In newer games, you are too busy spamming the next "random damage attack 0002" to type to fellow group mates.

    2. Camps. Camping for XP, while some enjoy dungeon crawling more, also promotes socialization. Racing through a dungeon to get to the end, then immediately leaving when end boss is dead just doesn't work in that aspect.

    3. Named Mobs. Gives us something to work towards, a bonus to our XP, and another bonus to grouping.

    4. Open world dungeons. Less instancing. Some instancing is ok, but have mostly open world dungeons. That includes raids. Progression must be horizontal rather than vertical so that there are multiple targets for guilds to go after, and not one single target drops the best loot (thus everyone fighting over him).

    5. Death Penalty. It just needs to be there, death is pointless without it.

    6. Classes that work together, rather than having a group of 6 Tanking DPSing healers.

    7. Raid Progression. Bring back Flagging / Keying. Bring back things like Vex Thal keys. It really promoted guild comraderie when we needed to help each other on non-raid times to get keys. Have keys / flags half single group events, half raid events. etc.

    8. Epic Armor / Weapon quests. Don't really need to say more about this.

    9. Rustic Graphics. I don't want fairy dust around, EQ1 graphics were gritty and I loved it. Updated graphics yes, cartoon style no.

    10. Advancement past maximum level. AAs in EQ1 were done flawlessly. Nothing I'd change there. EQ2 AAs sucked. And WoW's achievement system was pointless.

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