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any one still play?



  • Rickard-TFRickard-TF Member Posts: 5

    I was there from day one and ended up playing every day there after for months. I had a great nation and many cities. SB is a great game. But it was a game full of bugs. When 50+ players entered a battle with magic and weapons flying the lag made it unplayable. I feel it is the best game out there. too bad it didnt work well. I also feel they put the game out before it was finished. From what i hear they have been playing catch up from that point. I love the game and even the politics. ya its a bunch of whiners crying when they dont get their way - but if you have been watching world politics it seems to be the same hot heads trying the same crap.

    I cant go back even if i wanted to or trusted the game is ready or better. Its not the flaws in the game or the lack of content. (man it would be nice for some in game content). Its also not the need for the game to follow its own time line and rules. they set up this great back story and did nothing with it. Nope, its the time factor that keeps me away. If you want to run a nation or even be part of the grand politics there is a real commitment. Banes go up and you have to be there to defend. If you have a real life commitment your screwed.

    All and all it is the most harsh game on the market i or anyone i know played. I had a bunch of friends join in and it was a great ride. It has my support even at its weakest moments.

    Rickard the Frog

  • NiberNiber Member Posts: 203

    Wow, I remember your guild Rickard! I havn't played SB in what I imagine as 2-3 years.

    Personally, SB was the best experience I've had with MMOs. Loved the open-ness of classes and how great PvP was. My major gripe was that in large raids if you weren't a melee you were dead or errored.  I don't know if they ever fixed this but  I never lasted long in a big siege.

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