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Played long ago on a worse pc some questions about eq2.

AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

So I have been playing a vip lotro account for a while to be honest I miss the rich fantasy of eq2 so much more and the classes espically my monk, the only thing that keeps me from going to eq2 really is the costs of expansions there are to many to fast, anyways what are the changes the past 2 years in general? Are there still constant nerfs and buffs happening? I am sorry but that annoys me classes changing way to much and how is the monk doing now still fast as ever hehe? Are the animations still varied as you gain new abilities?

Are the classes still versatile and good for grouping? Also how is the grouping now? I enjoy grouping the most but if it turned into a solo game I wont be happy, also are f2p players playing with vets or there own servers?


And what exactly can f2p do? I will probably sub again but I am just curious. Oh most of all how is the community on the best servers?


Are there more racial cities yet? And is crafting still very time consuming or is it a little more casual friendly? And how is leveling now still take a very long time?



Ok more questions then I thought I apologize but any info would greatly be appreciated it, also I am trying to download the free version by signing in my old acct since I have many expansions on it already but its still loading off the station name is this normal?


Almost fogot how does the armor look now days? I know it looked pretty bad before and armor was tough to get, and are there any good money making proffesions?


So I just learned to play on the f2p servers you need a gold membership if you want to sub a monthly fee and it is still limited? What the hek that is really lame and sneaky what is up with that?


  • anielianieli Member Posts: 114

    Originally posted by Angelbound

    So I just learned to play on the f2p servers you need a gold membership if you want to sub a monthly fee and it is still limited? What the hek that is really lame and sneaky what is up with that?

     I play on extended and I am going to pay a sub once I need it (at cap)



    - you've got access to only 4 races

    -you need to pay to create a guild

    -no vet rewards


    -much higher population. Live was too boring for me, soloing all the time ain't fun.

    -most of the new players come to Extended and not live.

    -you can save the money you would pay on races by leveling up without paying a sub. You don't really need a sub to level up. This will save you A LOT of money if you are a casual player. If it takes you 3 months to get to cap, that's 45 dollars. But on extended you can save that and spend it to buy all the races - $37


    It depends on your preference. But Extended imo is better for newer players. You have a higher pop. AB has also a high population but most of the people you will see are not new players (mentoring, twinked chars etc). When I tried EQ2 a year ago AB felt like a ghost town tbh. I barely saw any players running around. I quit because of lack of people. I picked up Extended and it's much beter now ;)

  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    How would I be saving myself money though? You still have to buy the races, I thought the old servers where getting combined or something to, I truly am amzed at how soe is kind of screwing over there vets and new players by making them pay for races, who knows what they will try to make you pay for later.


    If it takes me that long to level there is something seriously wrong even being a casual player, I appreciate the advice though just confused about the saving money thing personally id rather have all the features of the game while im leveling.

  • anielianieli Member Posts: 114

    Yeah, I kinda agree that the whole race thing is retarded. I personally don't really care because I think all races look very ugly and I can only stand the human race which is free anyway but a lot of people want those races.

    They merged servers but they are still not nearly as populated as extended. AB is the highest populated server if you want to start on Live. But I didn't like the fact that a lot of them are vet players. I kinda like the whole newbie experience you get in extended where most players are new to the game.

    You can save money if you don't sub every month. It all depends on what you want. But no matter what you choose the game is awesome. I started a few weeks ago and I am having a blast :)

  • AcidonAcidon Member UncommonPosts: 796

    Actually they are merging servers on live.  They haven't yet. They just recently announced it.

    I actually don't think it's needed.  You roll a char on a live server and see very few people in the low levels.. well yeah.. you level so fast now, no one is in the low levels very long.

    I have nothing against EQ2X.  I'm just glad that I can pay my sub and keep the game i enjoy without having to pay for this and that.  I have all races, all classes, no restrictions.  Everyone is different, and that's why we have options.

  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    When I played a few years ago the rp server i was playing on was fine and i was able to group all the time on low levels got a monk past 30 i believe.

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