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HD question


I just bought  LG 27in HD lcd, but im not sure how to hook it up to my 260gtx. Im not sure what cable i need to buy , and if i need an adapter, i dont see the standard hd hook-up on the card. If anyone can talk me through what i need id appreciate it.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,091

    There isn't a "standard HD hook-up".  The most common monitor connector for new monitors is DVI, which is most commonly white, square, and has three rows of pins in a rectangular grid.  Your video card almost certainly has at least one of those.

    The most common one for older monitors (as in, was common a decade ago) is VGA, also known as D-Sub.  This seems to most commonly be blue, with the montor plug in a trapezoidal shape.  It has 15 pins, with three rows of 5 each, in a hexagonal array.

    The newest monitor port and the one of the future is DisplayPort, or perhaps Mini DisplayPort.  It isn't very common yet, and your video card probably doesn't have it.  Then again, your monitor probably doesn't, either.  AMD is pushing DisplayPort for Eyefinity, as it allows multiple monitors to share some bits of hardware.

    The other common monitor port is HDMI, which managed to become obsolete before it caught on.  It's more commonly used for televisions.  Both DisplayPort and HDMI are small and without obvious pin holes.  They're shaped kind of like a USB port.

  • swing848swing848 Member UncommonPosts: 292


    Because he said he has an HD lcd, I wonder if he means that he as an HDTV ...

    To the OP,

    Do you have an HDTV or a comuter monitor [not an HDTV]?

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  • NitthNitth Member UncommonPosts: 3,904

    Gtx260  has either DIV and or HDMI ports so there the cables you gona need to source..

    As to what connections you have on the back of your TV  i would speculate that you would also have DVI and HDMI..

    If you run into trouble you can get a DVI to HDMI converter, HDMI cable is basicly a dvi cable with copywright protection and an audio channel..

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  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    My guess is it's a 27" HDTV with HDMI only, and the video card has only 2 DVI ports. If this is the case the video card should have come with a DVI->HDMI adapter in the box. If you don't have one for whatever reason you can order a DVI->HDMI adapter from monoprice.com for just a couple bucks.

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