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EU users

ferlanferlan Member Posts: 4

This game will no longer be able to be accessed from Europe. NDoors really know how to P people off.


  • astrob0yastrob0y Member Posts: 702

    Its quite strange that they are blocking us EU users. Thanks alot


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  • Q_XozQ_Xoz Member Posts: 2

    They are setting up an English EU server and there is already an German server up and running. http://www.wonderking.de/

    So EU players will have their own place to play in.

  • fbigamefbigame Member Posts: 1

    Yah,it will be an English Version in few months,and there is an Agent of WonderKing in Europe,So Ndoors now blocks EU player regards to interst of Game Agent.Its modle  will be same with Maple Story.Hope it will figure out your question.

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  • fryskfrysk Member Posts: 1

    i like the game till lvl 114 then the quest stopt no its a boring game with out anny quest

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