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EQ2X Class Question

infensisinfensis Member Posts: 35

I was thinking of subbing to gold for a month on the EQ2X servers to try all the classes.


After the month when you revert to Bronze or Silver; do you get to keep the classes you created as gold?  These are the ones outside of the 8 default classes.




  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862

    This question is covered on the subscription grid, I think. But in a word: NO. You only get what you currently pay for.

  • infensisinfensis Member Posts: 35

    hmm - what I see on the bottom of the matrix is that a character will be downgraded to the silver/bronze subscription but not that he can be deemed unplayable since you haven't purchased the class separately.  I interpret this as the bags, active quests, etc would all be reduced to your current level.

    Hopefully someone who has tried this will respond to the thread.

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    30. If I decide to downgrade from the Gold to Silver or Free membership,

    what will happen to the Gold perks I had with that membership?


    • Classes: If you had characters from any of the Classes not available to Silver or Free members, then those characters will be unavailable to you until you renew to Gold membership status. You can still play any character class allowed on the Free or Silver memberships.

    • Character Coin Limits: The amount of coin you have is unaltered when you lapse your Gold membership. However, you'll be unable to gain any more coin until you reduce your current coin total below the Silver or Free per character limit.

    • Backpack and Bank limits: Any bags or bank slots that are not available in Free or Silver are still present when you downgrade from Gold. However, you can only move items from those slots to other locations. You can't use items while they are in those disallowed slots, and you can't add anything to those slots until you upgrade back to Gold.

    • Quest Limits: If you already have more quests in your Journal than are allowed at Silver or Free, those quests still exist, but you'll be unable to add new ones until you reduce your quest count to below those limits.

    • Character Slots: When you downgrade from Gold, your maximum character slots are reduced. If you had more characters than are currently allowed, the extra characters become unavailable. (However, they are not deleted. They are still available if you upgrade back to Gold status.)

    • Broker: If you had items for sale on the Broker when you downgrade from Gold, those items will stay on the Broker, but you will not have access to the Broker. If the items sell, the coin will stay in the Broker account until you upgrade back to Gold and can open the Broker interface again.

    • Items: Any Legendary or Fabled items are automatically removed from your character and placed in your inventory when you downgrade from Gold. You can use them again when you renew your Gold membership.

    • Spell/Skill Tiers: Any spells/skills upgraded to above Adept/Expert level are unchanged when you downgrade from Gold. However, you'll be unable to scribe any further upgrades beyond your Silver or Free limit until you upgrade to Gold again.


    if you want to play a nongold class later, you will need buy the class from Station Store

  • infensisinfensis Member Posts: 35

    Well - that sucks.  That means you need to pay twice for the same class.  I sub and pay $15 for access to the classes and to create a character.  Then after downgrading to silver I need to pay another $10 for the class to make them permanent at the lesser level and resume playing.  Plus - any equipped items and such are lost if not applicable at that subscription.

    Unless I need to buy the class and restart a new character at the lower subscription levels.

  • cobaltdemoncobaltdemon Member UncommonPosts: 46

    I think the thing that sucks the most is the fact that I crafted a legendary item. It was a high slot count bag. And do to the fact that I can't equip legendary items I could not equip the bag that I had made.

    I found this very disapointing. I could not take personnal pride in the crafting mini-game, 'bause if I did and made a really good item I could not use it, trade it or Auction House it. What a waste of my time.

    Needless to say about 2 days later I found that the lack of a meaningful crafting mini-game was depressing enough that I moved on to another game. I might return to EQII, but I will NEVER pay money for anything in EQIIEXT. Exspecially since if I pay-to-play the real game I get access to everything.

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    Originally posted by infensis

     I sub and pay $15 for access to the classes and to create a character.  Then after downgrading to silver I need to pay another $10 for the class to make them permanent at the lesser level and resume playing. 

    what you say is true

    but I like having the option that I can keep playing the class at bronze/silver level w no monthly fees


    when EQ2X first lauched - that wasnt even an option -- they added the class option a month later

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