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Char wipe?

darkbamydarkbamy Member UncommonPosts: 111

ok so i just logged in since a long time (last time was back in 2009 i think) and i see that all my chars are gone...was there some wipe or somthing?


  • NJ_fury_SNJ_fury_S Member Posts: 18

    hopefully not i played this game for quite awhile and had level 140 and a level 100.

    if they still exist i might play again..

    life is experience
    once you level up
    come talk to me

  • KalekKalek Member Posts: 2

    There has been no character wipe within the time you mentioned.

  • darkbamydarkbamy Member UncommonPosts: 111

    i kinda think there was because none of my accounts has any char left on them....not that i care rlly because im never playing it anymore..xD

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