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What happened to the server boards`?

MorgaurMorgaur Member UncommonPosts: 196

Suddenly I cant fint the server boards for Runnyeye or Splitpaw. In fact I cant find any of them. Are they gone? Where is the community now?


  • BullseyeArc1BullseyeArc1 Member UncommonPosts: 410

    image Gone, I dont know when, but I think I know why, I made a post on Mistmoore, left the game for a year came back and my post was still on page one.   No one used these, and since they need space for EQ2x, they more than likely got rid of them early this year.

  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862

    They vanished a few months back. My guess at the time was that server merges were being planned, and SOE figured that they could cut down the flack they would catch if they didn't have to deal with the established communities.

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