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ImperatorianImperatorian Member Posts: 1,000

I was wondering, is UO still fun to play, when you're a total newbie to the game too? I've heard everyone saying that UO is still the best PvE and PvP game, and I want to try it out on the official servers... But won't it be rather unpleasant when I'm the only newbie around and everybody else is being uber with 7 years of items, experience, etc?

And, do you happen to know where I can try the trial?



  • KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049

    UO is still a fun game, but it is a seven year old game that really hasn't kept pace with the genre in terms of graphics, interface, etc.  What is really sustaining UO in large part today is the community.  The players are super friendly, but it may likely be difficult to get into the game as a newbie at this stage in its existence...at least moreso than a newer title such as EQII.

    UO recently released an expansion with new character types, so you may find that there are more "newbie" ninja and samurai than other players, but a lot of them are likely veteran players just trying their hand at a new character.

    I'm not really sure about the trial.  Check out UO's website www.uo.com

    P.S. I found the trial on fileplanet.  It's dated Feb 25, but it's probably still good.  Click here for the link.


    Old timer.

  • ImperatorianImperatorian Member Posts: 1,000

    Ah I tried the trial, thanks. Indeed the graphics are crap but I can forgive the graphics if the gameplay is good. Sadly the game is so overwhelming that I even have no idea what to do, heh, and I'm a quasi-MMO vet. Guess I just have to bite "through the sour apple". But it's odd really, because I see everybody saying you can do "Everything you want in this game" on websites and such, but I don't have a really clear view on what exactly is "everything". People said you could do everything you want in EVE and SWG... but that turned to not be entirely true.

  • gattm99gattm99 Member Posts: 85

    I think most players use some sort of program that automates features of the game, like inentory management and stuff that is nearly impossible becasue of the crappy interface. 

    When people say you can do anything in UO, whis is something I hear alot, I guess they mean that their are many more oppurtunities for crafting careers in the game.  Most games have basics like weapon/armor smithing, tools and things like that, but in UO you can make pretty much any item in game.   

    I think they also mean that with a skill based system it is possible to make all sorts of hybrid type characters that woldn't be possible with a leveling system. 

    Also in UO you can interact with environments more then pretty much any other game.  For instance, you need wood, you find a tree, any tree, and chop it.  In EQ2  you have to run around the zone and look for a resource spawn.  In UO you can tame most any creature. 

    One other thing I just thought off, I think they have been reduced a great deal, but theiving, sneaking, snooping skills are somethign that is pretty unique to UO.  In most MMORPGs a rouge character is someone who backstabs and uses two light weapons, in UO a theif can actually steal stuff from other players or NPCs.   

    I've tried to play the game several times, but it just can't seem to hold my interest.  One major thing is that to improve say a crafting skill, you have to make several useless items, over and over again.  Not really something I want to pay a monthly fee for. 

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    It is bloody hard at the start, very little in the way of tutorials or manuals to get you started off, but well worth perservering. Generally there will be more experienced players around Haven Bank willing to give new players a hand (certainly on Europa anyway).
    There is a hell of a lot to do in the game; fishing, mining, crafting, house building and decorating, gardening, taming, hunting, PvP and more but little in the way of quests (in a WoW, EQ2 style) .
    UO Stratics is a good place for information (also the official forums there too).
    A piccy of the party we had at WBB on Europa on Saturday night to celebrate another defeat of the Despise Invasion ::::20::
    If you do want to stick with it UO Assist from Tugsoft (one off fee of $15) is an essential purchase, helping to fill in some of the gaps in the interface and easy use of macros.

  • ImperatorianImperatorian Member Posts: 1,000

    Well I bought Samurai Empire but dang, didn't expect the combat to get so repetive and boring.

    It's even more boring then WoW.

    I hope it changes though.

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    It depends on your template and if you're PvP'ing of PvM'ing. A combination of chivalry/bushido etc and special moves make it a bit more interesting for a warrior, but PvM will never be that exciting in any game tbh. Given the number of characters you can create you can build a diverse range of templates.

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