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Q about old eve toon.

MontanyaMontanya Member Posts: 7

I have a Gallente Char. with a cool name from early 2008. He has no training and still has the high int stats they had back then. (before remaps).

Is there any intrest in these? If I could sell Him for ingame isk I'd more than likly play again.

Thanks for any help.

1001 Laws, only one matters.


  • GdemamiGdemami Member EpicPosts: 12,321

    Originally posted by Nu11u5
    I believe that characters were always made with the same total number of attribute points, even at launch. Your character from 2008 may have high Int but that can be remapped now.

    The thing is, new characters or those that are using attribute Remap, do not get as low charisma as the old ones thus you can achieve higher stats in certain, more useful, attributes.

  • MontanyaMontanya Member Posts: 7

    It has been awhile since I played but I know there was an intrest in the "Before" remap Charactors.

    When they introduced remaps I thought all toons had basicly same stats? They all could remap but everybody pretty much started with same stats. Before that introduction ea. race started with higher stats in certain areas so even WITH remap they could achive higher numbers in their chosen field.

    I hadn't thought about the Cha. being lower giving more pt's for prim req. stats either.

    I also remember ppl liking the "old" birth date so as to be desguised from players with bad intent. Three yr birth date can carry you through a lot of tough spots cause they are not sure what skills you have.

    I just wasn't sure whether they were still worth anything or not.

    He is "Untrained" so it'd be a new toon for sure.

    1001 Laws, only one matters.

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    As long as I remember, race/subrace has always had different starting stats, which is why so many people used to pick Caldari Achura (sp). They had low charisma and high everything else, which was a good balance unless you were going for leadership skills. 

    SP is what matters the most usually when buying or selling characters though. Although there are other factors people may consider, like the name, employment history, sec status, and so on. A very low SP character wouldn't be worth much regardless in my opinion. 

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