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Anyone not want a beta key?

valuvalu Member Posts: 30

I unfortunately didn't get a key and was wondering if anyone didn't want theres and was willing to give it away or something.


  • ethorathiusethorathius Member Posts: 2

    Only if you allow me to put on my grammar police helmet and whack my little light on my lego car and then WWWEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW!  I'd pull you over and walk up to your window and tap on the glass and say "excuse me, do you know how fast you were being stupid back there?"

    . . .you mean "their" not "there" unless by "there" you mean that piece of grounds beta key in which case I don't think there will be a great deal of dialogue between you two.

    I love this LEGO game look how much fun it is giving me!

  • bishbashboshbishbashbosh Member Posts: 57

    beta key here:



  • ethorathiusethorathius Member Posts: 2

    Hehe I think minecraft is a better Lego than Lego. 

    *takes out a diamond pick to Lego's game*

    Die non-randomly generated game!!!  You're not half the Lego that Minecraft is!!

  • JohansonJohanson Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Originally posted by bishbashbosh

    beta key here:


    What's up with all minecraft trolls in lego universe forums?

    Seriously guys, I like minecraft, but you'r making it look bad with your stupid trolling. Lego universe is targeted for kids, who like to play nice game and build some nice buildings in sandbox-style enviroment (building stuff is NOT only feature of LU). We can go all day, how minecraft is awesome, but bottom line is that this are LEGO UNIVERSE forums, if you wanna advertise minecraft go somewhere else.

    And it's not beta at minecraft, it's alpha atm ;)

  • choujiofkonochoujiofkono Member Posts: 852

         I don't want to play legos or minecraft.  I don't really get the draw of making things out of stacked up bricks.  I actually played games with blocky graphics from the 80's-90's and thought we moved past it already.  Guess I was wrong.  Before someone comments on gameplay I play Dwarf fortress for my wicked deep gameplay fix so don't even bother xD 

    "I'm not cheap I'm incredibly subconsciously financially optimized"
    "The worst part of censorship is ------------------"

  • Luthor_XLuthor_X Member Posts: 431

    I have intentions of ever playing this game.


    So, yes, I do not want a beta key :)

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