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First MMORPG you ever played?



  • marinridermarinrider Member UncommonPosts: 1,556

    My first mmo was a game called eternal lands, was so amazing back in the day.  After that I moved to guildwars, then to WoW.


    I unfortunatly wasnt around for UO :(

  • FearGXFearGX Member Posts: 317

    Runescape, if that counts? xDDD


    Then WoW. I know hate on me I don't care.

  • AcmegamerAcmegamer Member UncommonPosts: 337

      Lets see, I'd been over in europe for almost a decade during the 1980s and I started reading these ads in the back of Dragon magazine about three games at the start of the 1990s.  The first was for  Gemstone a texted based multiplayer online role-playing game based on I.C.E.'s Shadow World and Rolemaster game mechanics.  The second was for Mechwarrior Online based on FASA's Battletech/Mechwarrior game and books. And the third was Never Winter Nights based on TSR's Forgotten Realms game world and AD&D mechanics.

     So upon returning from Europe in Sept. 1992 I joined GEnie to get access to Gemstone and Mechwarrior and AOL to get access to Never Winter Nights Online. I keep reading remarks by some here who say that NWN was not a mmorpg and I disagree. Sure it was only a few hundred players at a time but it was multi-player and a rpg. It "was not" a stand alone game that you played solo on AOL. Was it based on a stand alone PC game? Yes, and it was adapted from that.

     We did interact, we did pvp, we had guild wars, he did role-play, story telling, you name it. So basically yeah it was an online multi-player role-playing game. It just wasn't massive as in multi millions at a time playing it. Though in many respects it was better due to the quality of players since only working professionals could afford to spend 6.00 and hour and later 3.00 to play it.

     Mechwarrior was different, you piloted mechs, took over planets, and 4 vs 4 was the most ever faced "in game" at anyone time. You worked on taking planets and fronts over and invading opposing Houses planets. That said there was quite a bit of role-play with that as well in game and on the bbs on GEnie. Ghostmech Cafe etc for posting stories.

     Gemstone which was also on GEnie like Mechwarrior was(is) a multi-player fantasy role playing game and was based on I.C.E.'s Shadow World game setting using  I.C.E.'s Role Master game mechanics system. It actually is still around and people are still playing it. Yeah I know its text, but honestly until only recently has graphical game started to catch up with what you could do as a player or game designer in text for years. ie: the customization of the characters, quests, npc interaction etc etc.

     Anyhow those were my intial multi-player online role-playing game experiences back in 1992. I also checked out Sierra's Twinion which came before their Realm online game and played a bit of their Red Baron game as well, plus Air Warrior the other game Kesmai made. Oh and Drakkar online and DragonsGate, Federation etc... But the main ones I played were the three I listed above.






  • AcmegamerAcmegamer Member UncommonPosts: 337

    Originally posted by Eliandal

    Originally posted by ElderRat

    Originally posted by Ramonski7

    Originally posted by blueturtle13

    Originally posted by Ramonski7

    I played a little of NWN. It was not a mmorpg. The first true mmorpg was UO as Lord British was credited with the acronym to begin with. And none existed before this. That's like saying they created mmorpgs before they knew what to call them. Not NWN was a single player game that could be hosted by someone to share their creation with some friends. Hardly a mmorpg. But then again I guess Diablo falls in that category too then huh?

     Yes it was. It was really the first graphical mmo. Before UO. I mean it didnt have all the features of UO but UO was an evolution.

    I stand corrected my good man. NWN(aol) was the first mmorpg. It just wasn't called that.

     No it was a single player game that people used to make mini-mmo's = persistant worlds.

       Sorry, you`re thinking about the wrong Never WInter Nights :D!  NWN on AOL was a persistant world, run on AOL servers as a partnership between SSI, TSR and AOL from 1991-1997 -  policed by NWA`s and led for alot of it by NW Snowie (although cheating was rampant - you could access the GM store with AOHell)  Anyone else remember scroll farming!...and spending 30 minutes waiting in one of the PVP zones - only to get in and die almost immediately to someone PWkilling you ;P  The festivals where you could earn pearls.  The ladder - and the main guilds...KAAOS, DROW, UDL.  It was a fun, fun time!


      Well NW Snowie was in charge later. NW Arwen/Maryann was actually in charge of it before she got promoted to being in charge of all games on AOL. Btw trivia bit NW Arwen, NW Strider/Keith, Snowie, NW Elladan etc also played Gemstone III. The Hack that came out around 95/96 was about the time I really lost interest finally in NWN. It made pvp really no fun if someone was using that damn hack.

     Good memories regardless. :) Oh and someone on some other thread posted a link to NWN related stuff, talk about bringing memories back seeing that stuff.  Lets see if I can post it.  I'd heard that posting links can fail here.    Hopefully that links.    

  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 11,831

    Wow that brought back memories!  Thanks for the link I spent an embarassing amount of money playing that game for 2 and a half years straight lol

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 34,382

    Lineage 1 was my first MMORPG, and due to a major nerfing of my main (with no way to respec) I got really pissed off after 6 months and went and played DAOC and Shadowbane for the next 3 years.

    (edit, I'm still pissed off about it, 9 years later come to think of it)

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  • finny174finny174 Member Posts: 2

    The very first MMORPG i ever played was the free trial for WOW. I played nonstop for all ten days. My parents were so mad at me because i was always playing the game. Since then i've been on the search for the best free mmorpg game. 

  • kurzantkurzant Member Posts: 15

    got really bored one day in the summer of my 5th grade year and downloaded toontown.  had a lot of fun playing that.  had a hard time convincing my parents to let me pay $10 a month though.

  • WhiskyjumperWhiskyjumper Member UncommonPosts: 64

    Everquest. Man that game was awesome! I have played many other MMO but to this day none of them come close to the original Everquest. It just had a feeling of danger, and true adventure that I just can't find in any of the other games. And we are talking back in 1999 before it became the crap it is today.

  • RogueSevenRogueSeven Member Posts: 321

    swg shortly after it launched....*sigh*

  • ClywdClywd Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Originally posted by Senadina

    EQ. Good memories? Some. I mean it did hook me to this genre. But the effective inability to solo, the corpse runs, the trains and kill stealing? No thanks. I will take the new MMO's anyday.

    Everquest/1999, too. And I would play it again if they still would have the things you didn't like ;-)

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  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,311

    Originally posted by Clywd

    Originally posted by Senadina

    EQ. Good memories? Some. I mean it did hook me to this genre. But the effective inability to solo, the corpse runs, the trains and kill stealing? No thanks. I will take the new MMO's anyday.

    Everquest/1999, too. And I would play it again if they still would have the things you didn't like ;-)

    I think its amazing that game is still running.

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  • ZorlofeZorlofe Member UncommonPosts: 213

    EQ1 for me also and to this day I have more fond memmories of it than any other MMO. I'm still hoping to find an MMO with as good spell effects and classes as EQ1.

  • xZAVxxZAVx Member Posts: 3



    10Six from SEGA hosted by I think sometime around 1997 - 1998.

    An amazing idea which would be successful even now with a few tweaks.

  • WumiWumi Member Posts: 85

    SWG unless you count Diablo II as an MMO

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  • DanKenShiDanKenShi Member Posts: 5

    9Dragons was my first MMORPG. And I really enjoyed it (as a martial arts fan). The concept was (and is) very interesting. I played that game for 3 years (2006-2009). But, after trying other MMOs, I noticed that the gameplay wasn't that great :)... and Acclaim management didnot help at all.

    I still hope, oneday, that Indy21 will update the graphics and the gameplay of that game. 'Cause... the game itself (the Lore and concept is very unique, I think).

    Now I mainly play Age Of Conan and WoW.

  • theinvadertheinvader Member UncommonPosts: 240

    Shadowbane. I remember subbing, getting frustrated with the controls and bored of the monotonous landscape and unsubbing, then getting cravings to play it again a while later, ad infinitum. Ah, those were the days!

    Always read the small print.

  • exwinexwin Member Posts: 221

    EQ, still get warm fuzzies thinking about it, or maybe it's too much coffee... so many good memories and people that scattered to the winds when the next gen mmos came out. Tried going back a couple of times, but it's not the same without the people.

    EQ was a great game, but I think it's the fact that it was the last game I looked who was in guild or friends list before I did anything that set it apart. Wow you did what you did, if there was someone on great, if not meh.

  • TahamtanTahamtan Member Posts: 232

    Mine was Runescape because I could play with dial-up. :)

  • vajravvajrav Member Posts: 146

    Technically Ultima Online (in 2000), but I ditched it  after a couple of weeks because I had no time to spare back then.

    The first MMO I really played in depth was Anarchy Online (in 2003 ).

  • DerWotanDerWotan Member Posts: 1,012

    Ultima Online, thankfully pre Trammel. Still missing its freedom, crafting system and community.

    We need a MMORPG Cataclysm asap, finish the dark age of MMORPGS now!

    "Everything you're bitching about is wrong. People don't have the time to invest in corpse runs, impossible zones, or long winded quests. Sometimes, they just want to pop on and play."
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  • KithcaKithca Member Posts: 118

    The very first MMO I touched was The Realm Online in 97.  My employer had it as a service so I had free access to all of the online games they had.  The first MMO I actually played any amount of time was EQ in 99.

  • KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 780

    I was a huge Sega Dreamcast lover, and PSO for the dreamcast was my first adventure into multiplayer mode.

  • DrSpankyDrSpanky Member Posts: 341

    Originally posted by kikan1

    World of Warcraft.


    The guild I was in was just so awesome...

    was waiting for someon brave enough to say this in this thread. Well done. Nothing wrong with being a wow baby. I am one too.

    It's a proven historical fact that beer saved humankind.

  • WarmakerWarmaker Member UncommonPosts: 2,244

    My first MMORPG was Ultima Online.  IIRC, got PK'ed in the first 20 minutes of gameplay out of nowhere.  Did not make a good impression on me.

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