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Level 30 - Can't advance without paying - decisions, decisions..

rhinokrhinok Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

I've hit level 30 on my main, a Kujix Ranger. I've played completely for free up to this point.  I wasn't required to purchase anything to play, advance or succeed, although I would have had to pay in order to use the global chat channels.  Doing so would have been relatively pointless, though, since there really hasn't been anybody to chat with consistently.

In order to continue leveling up this character and be able to assign ability points to him, I'll need to pay. I can continue playing this character for free (whether or not Alganon is F2P is basically a matter of sematics, depending on how any one individual defines a game as F2P), but I won't be able to advance or access new content, which pretty much makes doing so moot.

So, I now have a decision to make: pay and keep playing this character or stop playing this character?  I'm not opposed to paying either subscriptions or mictrotransactions, in general, especially after having enjoyed 30 levels of content in a game.  That being said, I do take exception to paying for Alganon specifically due to the following:

  • Population - it's almost non-existent (this character is a Kujix on the Hokk server), so grouping, trading and even chatting are almost non-existent, too. As stated before, it's like playing a single-player game, not a MMO.

    • Soloability - how much longer will I be able to solo?  I certainly won't be able to do instances without grouping. What about normal quest and mob grinding, though? Does the difficulty ramp up significantly for a soloist post-30?

    • Crafting - I have been able to gather and craft ingredients for some gear upgrades, but at my level few of the ugprades are significant. Actually, I can craft items with level requirements higher than my current level, which is frustrating, since I just have to bank them. As I get higher in level, I'm going to have to rely more on additional materials that I can't gather myself.  With so few other players playing, much less gathering materials, prospects for success are a little dim.  Am I going to be forced to create resource-gathering alts instead of being able to rely on a healthy economy? That doesn't appeal to me at all.

  • Problems - the game is rife with bugs and issues.  It truly feels like it's still beta, 6 months after Mr. Smart took the reigns and re-launched it and 10 months after it's initial "soft" launch.

  • Revenue model - it needs tweaking.  I'm not paying to chat with other players.  Period.  I expect to be able to use public chat channels in a MMO for free- it's vital to socializing. 

I've given the game an honest try, have truly enjoyed myself, but am also critical of it's faults.  I feel more like a beta tester than a player. I'll probably continue to play with a human of a different class on the other server, just to mix things up a bit, but I will most likely not consider paying to continue advancing my current main unless I see some drastic changes in the game and it's population. I truly hope Mr. Smart et al take posts like this constructively.




  • nynnivanynniva Member UncommonPosts: 235

    To answer your questions somewhat;

    Soloability - for all classes, its certainly possible to solo to 50. Two patches ago a plethora of new quest content was added that make it possible to solo from about 35 to about 45 in a day's runaround. So for the purposes of levelling up, solo is certainly viable. However, unless you play a class that can heal yourself, the only instances you're ever going to be able to solo, even at the level cap, would be the low level ones or perhaps the lvl 20 ones. I have a lvl 50 mystic & ranger who can solo the lvl 30 stuff, and lvl 50 champions can solo single mobs in the 40+ instance (but not bosses) so soloability of instances is pretty much nonexistent. They are, however, doable in a good duo/trio, albeit it can take hours to complete.

    Crafting - unfortunately this only gets worse. Having a guild and guildbank helps to some extent if you have active players, but even then, my husband and I have split up the crafts down the middle to cover all the gathering and crafting and go get stuff ourselves. Which yes, means tradeskill alts. Bear in mind though, that the epic recipes are bind on pickup, so if you have crafting alts, they will likely never be able to get these recipes. On that note, I recently levelled a tradeskill-alt to the range to use BoP instance drop recipes, and found the stats very unimpressive for the difficulty of obtaining the recipe in the first place, so probably not that big a deal.

    There will also be several quests that require you to turn in tradeskill-related items which you will be unable to complete or advance the quest lines without finding a tailor or blacksmith or whatever.

    While the game does still have issues, the 'no path' issue is the most glaring of them, most other things have workarounds or do not affect gameplay overmuch.

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