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ChopesChopes Member Posts: 297

If anyone doesnt have their own free cd key and needs one use this:




No credit card required, i myself quit the game and dont really need the free trail so you have fun with it.
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  • LreguizrLreguizr Member Posts: 207

    You could of done something like this:

    "Hi! If anyone wants my CD-Key, send me a PM."

    Instead of displaying the whole thing in public.

  • MurazorMurazor Member Posts: 60
    Yea, who knows?  I whole lotta people might see it and copy it, but only the guiy who got it first would be able to use it.
  • PavciuPavciu Member Posts: 1


    could You send me cd-key, please.



  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384


    How many pages did you go through to find that??

    I need to lock this lol

    You can ask for a free trial cd key on the official forums at EVE. Who knows my wife will probbaly see it and give you one

    She's on the Polaris team over there.

    But go over there and sure youll get one

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