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Ministry of War: Comprehensive Preview

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126's Carolyn Koh has a comprehensive look at the upcoming MMORTS, Ministry of War. Developer Snail Games has provided Carolyn with a lot of information about the game including building/defense, growth/progress, PvP and conquering the world. Check out Ministry of War by reading Carolyn's preview.

Ministry of War is a traditional RTS brought to the MMO platform by Snail Games. If you’ve ever played games such as Civilization, the original Command and Conquer or even the current Halo Wars will be familiar with the genre. You build a city with various different buildings, depending on the time period and setting, perhaps city walls, defenses, troop barracks, arts and science research centers, market places, civilian housing and the like. You create farms to grow food, mines, quarries and other structures to harvest resources, and perhaps also build entertainment or religious complexes to keep your people happy. Then you recruit war leaders and armies and start taking over the world. This is the world of Ministry of War.

Read more of our Ministry of War Comprehensive Preview.




  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,523

    Again, I doubt any RTS can be considered a MMO.  There is just no persistence.  So anytime you post the moniker MMORTS I will again dispute just such a label.  The so called persistence in this game is nebulous.

    If a game does provide persistence, then you are stuck monitoring the game 24/7 which is absurd.

  • BerzerkBlackBerzerkBlack Member UncommonPosts: 168

    To be fair you should give this a go, I was doubious about this aswell but Ive been playing for 2 months now and Im still addicted to it.

    The game HAS persistence, you actually have heroes to manage with stats and gear that affects your troops fighting abilities. Gear is a bit like WoW items.

    It  has alot of elements from Age of Empires, you have to meet requirements to age up to get better troops and new buildings/units.

    Its also fairly competitive, and you also got arena games for 1v1s.

  • YilelienYilelien Member UncommonPosts: 324

    i was a travian junkie for a while. So i guess ill have to give thsi a go.

  • patshirpatshir Member Posts: 114

    Addicting game, nice one you should give it a try.

  • I've been Addicted to this game for a while now. When I first saw it I never thought I could get into it, I was soo wrong because I cannot stop playing!

  • bitingpigbitingpig Member Posts: 2

    I'm in the beta and this is -- without a doubt -- the best browser game in the world.  I play at work b/c no download.  

  • luciferproluciferpro Member Posts: 2

    the official website is confusing to get a beta test key. but i found a site that will be able to play the game instantly, just need a registration, anyone would like to try this game now, try on this site:


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