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i hope world of darkness has this certain feature to the game.



  • FurorFuror Member Posts: 374
    I am curious to know whether or not they can cp exist in the game wod and twilight in order to bring in both wod fans and twlight girl gamers in and I think it could be a good move in ccp.
    Ccp could be well known to open the flood gate of even more female gamers.
  • CactusJackCactusJack Member UncommonPosts: 393

    just like they are so willing to change their core game mechanics to the endless moaning of the trolls in EVE? Not likely. I have high hopes for this game and even more so that it's coming from CCP. CCP has never let a little thing like profit margin get in the way of establishing their idea of a persistent universe.


    Please read the EVE forums, particularly C&P. If you think for a moment that they care what everyone wants, you are in for a surprise. They will develop and publish the game that they want, if you are unhappy with the results feel free to play something else.

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  • MadimorgaMadimorga Member UncommonPosts: 1,920

    Originally posted by Zlayer77

    Originally posted by Furor

    my girlfriend and all her friends would be interested in world of darkness if it has some reference to twilight, seeing as they are a huge fan of it. I hope CCP can help out.

    im sure they would get a huge influx of female gamers to mmorpg.

    World of darkness is a brutal place there is no room for rainbow coulored vampiers that glow like faries in the sun


    Although it would be funny if noob starting area mobs were a bunch of victims running around larping Twilite with glitter on their faces.  


    "Hi, oooo nice fangs!  Where did you get those?  You don't have any glitter for when we play in the daytime, but you can still play at night.  Here.  I've got extra glitter, you can have some, for tomorrow!  


    Now, everything is decided by rock, paper, scissors.  Let's practice.  


    Three, two one...scissors cuts paper.  I win!  Oh god, my neck!  *gurgle*



    (yes, I am easily amused today)


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  • AbisbowaAbisbowa Member UncommonPosts: 91

    My girlfriend and I both really like cereal, we would be interested in World of Darkness if there was a  reference to Count Chocula in the game. I hope CCP can help.


    I'm sure they would get a huge influx of breakfast food enthusiasts to MMORPG.

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