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Win an End of Nations Beta Invitation Code

AshluraAshlura Member UncommonPosts: 125

EVENT: Win an End of Nations BETA Invitation from PaX

Contest Date: 1 Oct 2010 - 31 Oct 2010

DRAWING DATE: 31 Oct 2010

Register on the new NoxXious website and create ten posts with your newly registered account. After you make ten posts, link the registered account here and you will be entered into the drawing.



There are none. You can register 100 accounts if you want more chances of winning.


Why are you doing this?

-This is our third community forum and we need a boost in post counts and registered members. It's around a week old and we don't even have everyone from NoxX registered yet.

-We want more exposure. Each community contest that we do, brings more people to see our community. It could lead to some great additional gamers being added to our crew.

-Because we are in between games and bored as hell with the garbage that is out there.

-Because we just received our new sponsors and the more people we can get to our site, the more chances we have of showing them off to others. wink

How will the winner be contacted?

-The winner will be contacted by the e-mail address of the winning registered account. I will announce it also on these forums as well.

Why dont you use this key yourself?

-We have plenty of keys to give away and this is the first of many contests. Also, Im not a fan of Trion. I wont play their games.


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