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Suggestion Please

shurley497shurley497 Member Posts: 1

I have been playing MMO's since launch of EQ1.  For the last 3 or so years (maybe longer) I have been playing EQ2.  I have been in a raid guild that has basically beaten every raid mob provided in EQ2.  My wife and I are tired of playing EQ2 and are looking for another game.  As of right now,  We are tried of raiding and just want a game to level up in together and have fun exploring.  We played AoC at launch till about level 40 or so and quit and went back to EQ2.  We have never tried Vanguard, but thought it looked really good since it was more like EQ1.  We both loved EQ1 for ALONG time.  We never did try Aion.  We did play WoW for about a year or so when it first launched.  We both liked it, but went to EQ2 because of a lot of our friends were there.  How is WoW's population now?  Can someone start a character and make it all the way to end game without having to spend 1000000000 hours playing?   

I would like some suggestions on a MMO that would be fun for a duo to level up together.  Explore the world and quest.  I would like there to be an end game in cause after we level up we decide to start raiding again.   We would like a decent population so that if we want to group with other people there would be PUGs available. 

Is WoW our only chance?  We both like slash and bash games the best it seems. 

Any sugestions are greatly appreciated.



  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    Check out Vanguard. It is the closest thing to the original EQ out there . .. and may not be around as long as EQ2 so I would definitely recommend going through it while it is still alive and kicking. If you can handle occasional PVP than check out Darkfall as I think it is the funnest game out there and play it with some who don't like PVP and there is PVE expansion next week so its a game for all types of people, especially if you like a world that feels dangerous where you take risks. Vanguard doesnt have a trial but Darkfall does, however if you liked the original EQ than you would definitely like Vanguard but the population maybe low so I wouldnt expect to play it for years. If you are interested in trying out Darkfall and want to play with another couple send me a message and we would be glad to group with you since there are no level restrictions.


    Edit: Do yourself a favor and steer clear from WoW and AION imo

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  • regubareguba Member Posts: 56

    Well, if you're looking for another game that has end game raids, certainly WoW would be an excellent choice. The time it takes to get from 1-80 ain't bad at all. Population as you would guess is still massive, always people doing something of interest. The only thing you may run into while playing is the feeling of "I've done this before" since you're coming from another game that had lots of end game raiding, etc.


    I know nothing of Aion beyond the tunnel vision that I've been provided on the topic, as in, being told it's just a grinder.


    Other games that may tickle your fancy...

    As with most of my recommendations Guild Wars is always an option, especially for a duo like you've described. However, end game mostly consists of moving onto the next set of content, pvp (which is a blast) or making new characters, which is also fun since the game has a class mix and match system.


    Game I'm currently playing in my sparce free time is Ragnarok Online. Fun to play with others, boring as heck alone... I've been alone on it for most of my play time. However, guilds in the game seem to be neat, end game consists mostly of collecting items and participating in War of Emperium (Large pvp).


    That's about it for my two cents, if anything else comes to mind I'll post it, or if you want to know more about a game feel free to ask. Hope you find something!


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