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New MMORPG suggestion

eatmeatm Member Posts: 1

Hello everyone,


I've been a long time WoW player but have been tired of it since a couple of months. But since I havent been able to find a good replacement I just kept playing it. Last month I finally quit because I was completely fed up with it. Now I'm looking for a new MMORPG. I've tried some trial/F2P suggested in other posts here but i didn't like most. The most promising was LOTRO but the F2P is for US only and I'm EU. So the times I'm playing the server population is very low and LOTRO EU F2P is still postponed. I have no idea how the EU population is atm but I heard it wasn't that good so I'm not too excited about paying for EU version. Anyway let me sum up a few games I've tried and why I didn't quite like them and what i expect from a game.

Let's start with Warhammer. Looked nice, felt good, but it's too much PvP based and tbh I dont care that much about PvP. The Crafting system didnt seem like much either. I've tried EVE a long time ago, but I'm not a fan of the whole SciFi Space thing. I played Age of Conan for 2 months and tried various classes but the game just felt wierd to me. Fallen Earth is just not my style of game. Don't even bother coming with those grind fest JRPG's, that includes FFXIV (which i played beta) and is too much for FF fans imo. Other games i've played in the past are Aion, Star Wars Galaxies and Guild Wars

So I'm looking for a game which has a good amount of PvE quests, be it solo or group. A good amount of dungeons which would provide some real challenges (unlike most in WoW, even raids are a piss nowadays). Crafting is important and I'd like a game where it plays a big role. The game doesnt nesscesarily need a good story line but it's always something that can make up for some flaws in other areas. Hope someone can give me some advice as I just don't know which game would be right for me.


  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,476



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  • NetSageNetSage Member UncommonPosts: 1,059

    If you don't mind pvp as well you might like aion(although it may be hard to avoid at some of the higher levels).  I've been enjoying it so far personally.

  • lotecoloteco Member Posts: 5

    If you like to PVE and doing quests, I'd suggest Atlantica Online. I'm kinda a pvp type so Im playing Rohan atm. not really sure about AO but I think its quest dependent since I could not level until I did a specific quest. so I quit that game lol.

  • patricrenopatricreno Member Posts: 5

    Maybe you should try Atlantica Online. It's a turn-based mmorpg, has a lots of quests, good crafting system, it has individual, guild, nation or tbs dungeons. TBS (tactical battle system) just like final fantasy tatics. There are lots of other features.

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,155

    Originally posted by Elsabolts



    I was going to say the same thing. If I was going to play a PVE game it would be Vanguard because I think that it is currently the best one. The crafting is better than most games too.

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