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R.I.P. Greg Giraldo

A Columbian grad and Harvard Law School grad who decided to go for a comedic life, pass away today by an apparent accidental overdose of perscription drugs.  He had an issue with an addiction to alcohol, which he tried to combat.

According to his fellow comedians he was a great guy.

Always sad to see someone so young pass away like this.


  • JDGalisJDGalis Member UncommonPosts: 143

    What? D: ..I'm sad...Got to shake hands with him after a show a few years ago..really was a interesting character, sad to see him go :(

    RIP Greg

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  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Member Posts: 1,857

    Jim Gaffigan was really pissed about it on his Facebook.  I never heard of the guy, but RIP...

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  • kiddyno071kiddyno071 Member Posts: 1,330

    First Greg, then Tony,... whose next? 

  • Well that caught me off guard. I do hope that his comedian buddies make a ton of 'too soon' jokes about him at the next roast, I kind of think it's what he'd want.

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Originally posted by kiddyno071

    First Greg, then Tony,... whose next? 

    Tony who? I'm out of the loop.

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Originally posted by GTwander

    Originally posted by kiddyno071

    First Greg, then Tony,... whose next? 

    Tony who? I'm out of the loop.

    I don't have a clue who either of them are.

    edit: Full names help. Tony Curtis just died.

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  • kiddyno071kiddyno071 Member Posts: 1,330

    Sorry will keep that in mind but it's only being spammed on nearly every TV, cable and radio news shows. The man was a legend in his time.

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