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Ruins of war

Hello everyone. I want to tell you of a rather good game. Its not auto attack are point and click. Name of game is Ruins of war. The admins are active with updates. Patchs events. Max lv is 90 but they are working on adding a higher lv cap. 2nd class change. The game has mine. Herbing. Potion makeing and more things you can do. The game has pvp and battle fields call statue wars in which. If your race wins the statue wars you get exp bonus and drops. But you do have to go to war. The races are akkan and human. Lving is rather fast up to lvs 70+ but they are doing a soon event that gives a 30 day gold box which boots your exp and drops by 50% the server has about 300 online at all times. But it could use more players. Which is why im posting this. The game is a wonderfull game. Go to http://www.ruinsofwar.com/ for more info on the game.

Thank you for reading.


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