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Make MOBs more realistic!

GintohGintoh Member UncommonPosts: 329

1) make it so that mobs respawn in places that the game detects no player is looking, no mobs spawning from nowhere.

2) Ditch the aggro, make it so mobs attack whover is closest.

3)Make i so MOBs attack on sight like in single player games, make less of them spawn so that it balences out and players end up killing the same amount of mobs anyway. I'm sik of games where you can pull mobs and you can kill a raide's friend and he just stands there and doesn't do nything, it's stupid and unrealistic.


  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    I'm not sure if the respawn thing would work, given most mmo's use a 3rd person camera which covers a rather large view of the area around you.

    I agree though that the aggro system could be improved, and if anything has seriously been dumbed down with recent mmo's.

    I feel XI and EQ both did aggro right from what i've experienced, different types of mobs aggro'ed by different methods, some could smell the area close by around them in all directions, others could see extremely far straight ahead of them. I recall in EQ some mobs would aggro when a spell was cast near them. Theirs a lot of variety developers can, and have done in the past, add to the aggro/mob AI, but it is for the most part ignored in modern mmo's.

  • laokokolaokoko Member UncommonPosts: 2,004

    deleted myself for trolling

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    Make mobs ask for wages getting knocked down and back again daily is hard work make mobs speak to each other and have lunch breaks

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