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Pirates of The Burnings Sea, latest mmorpg to go Free-to- play

NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

With the two remaining servers not retaining enough populations to fill up 24 v 24 port battles this does not surprise me.


  • wicked45wicked45 Member Posts: 59

    Might as well...that seems to be the thing to do now days.  I tried to get into this game but it just wasn't very fun.  Cookie-cutter port towns that felt all together too static and the same 'ol boring "quest system" that seemed more a chore than anything. 

  • ensten750ensten750 Member Posts: 5

    well since the expansion there has been a explosion of people comming to the game. The nations have gone from light to medium and heavy. :D and with F2P it will get even more people into the game.

    I have played many games, but no game beats Potbs in PvP.

  • jokertranjokertran Member Posts: 5

    Hmmm, why? How's the pvp in this game? Never tried it before and since your saying that its gonna go f2p, might as well try it. currently looking for mmos, any other suggestions are freely accepted. ^^

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