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wow the account for life

Hi ppl, i've just for the 6th or 12th time tryed close my wow account, funny thing is i have only every opened it ones my account goth hacked a copple of years back and ever sins my account from time to time gets activatet by an online bourt game time card, i have sins the tryed to get blizzard to delete my account so i (maby) can stop some of all the spamme mail that comes with having a wow account. but so fare no luck, i just wantet to hear if anybody els has had any luck getting there account deletet or just getting blizzard and all the spammers to back off ??





  • i know man i dont think u can get ur account deleted but if u really dont want to have anything to do with WoW anymore im sure u can find a solution ;) for example:


    - change the information on ur account

    - filter ur email where it contains "world of warcraft"

    - report spam if u got gmail

    - get ur account permanently banned



    good luck mate

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