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READ FIRST : Vindictus Keys



  • galiondorgaliondor Member Posts: 8





  • socialstatussocialstatus Member Posts: 72

    Guys  if you get a key pleaase post the two you get so we have more of a chain going here.

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  • jessianjessian Member Posts: 277

    just PM a key for this to try, and i will give out the 2 keys to let others in

  • quadziquadzi Member Posts: 6

    please PM me a key and I'll fold the 2 back into the thread... need something to play so I can ignore my wife this weekend :)

  • HeimlichkeitHeimlichkeit Member Posts: 105

    Originally posted by socialstatus

    Guys  if you get a key pleaase post the two you get so we have more of a chain going here.

    I think we're better off PM'ing keys, since people just take keys, and don't post their own. I've been waiting for one for a week, and I just gave up.

  • DinidainDinidain Member UncommonPosts: 48

    Originally posted by Heimlichkeit

    I think we're better off PM'ing keys, since people just take keys, and don't post their own. I've been waiting for one for a week, and I just gave up.


    Yeah I would have tought so too.  But after 9 days of refreshing threads hoping to see a new code before somebody else ninjas it, and then asking in PMs for one to be sent in PM from people that other folks say they've PMed one to, and flat out begging my arse off all over the internets, I've just about given up on getting to test this game before it goes into OB

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  • joy-stickjoy-stick Member Posts: 29

    Im already starting to unlike the game because of the poor community :(((

  • ChengDChengD Member Posts: 2

    Hoping to get key, will return the favour to anyone else in need of key

  • kulvirkulvir Member Posts: 1

    I've been waiting since 2009 to play Mabinogi Heroes, and I even tried getting into Closed Beta in July and August. Unfortunately, Nexon didn't like my application D:

    If someone's willing to give me a key, I'd more than likely try to help people in the same situation as me :)

  • CruiaCruia Member Posts: 9

    Have Fun!




  • StylekrazeStylekraze Member Posts: 5

    I would really like a key to try out this mmorpg. I've just recently quit my main mmorpg after playing it for seven years. If anyone has a spare key please send one my way. Thank you.

  • Xondar123Xondar123 Member CommonPosts: 2,543

    Originally posted by Cruia

    Have Fun!




    Keys are already gone. Can someone PM one to me?

  • 4cnsky4cnsky Member Posts: 3

    darn just missed it (teach me for having to eat) could someone pm one to me please

  • Omega431Omega431 Member UncommonPosts: 92

    i would love a key pls, just mail it to me

  • tjet73tjet73 Member UncommonPosts: 19

    I would like a key please.


  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Member UncommonPosts: 2,662

    Wow there are still people without keys? This is like the 10th version of a "Gimme and key" thread. I do have to admit though, the game is hella fun!

    "Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

  • AntichaosAntichaos Member Posts: 9

    i would like a key if there are still some left

  • fellsixfellsix Member Posts: 19

    if someone please has a beta key i would appriciate it i will repost the 2 i recieve for others to share

  • HertuuHertuu Member Posts: 8

    plz...give me a keyyy  i will send the 2 i get !!!!





  • Matter+FormMatter+Form Member Posts: 2

    Recovering from knee replacement surgery, would keel to have this to fill my hours and make friends.  Will pay it forward, naturally.


  • FaremFarem Member UncommonPosts: 49

    PM Key please?

  • loopscarloopscar Member Posts: 1

    I'd like a key please ^^ I'll post the keys or PM them to the people who ask for them :D

  • KildareKildare Member Posts: 2

    Anyone with a key pls? PM me here or send to   ill give the 2 keys back to whoever needs it or if the sender wants it ^_^ thx alot

  • MysticFeatheMysticFeathe Member Posts: 5

    pm me a key, i'll post any i get

  • MahajaramaMahajarama Member Posts: 1

    I would like a key as well; either PM it to me or send it to my gmail: .  If I get one, I will happily distribute the 2 keys I get to anyone that PMs and/or emails me for them.

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