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why so many nu games, when there was (R.I.P.) a gem like SPELLBORN out there..

so many new games, many new engines.. many say "its new, its unique" whatever..

but SPELLBORN was the only real UNIQUE game outh there..


i loved it.. many loved it..

so.. i cant believe, that they killed THAT game like they did.



hey internet, lets help that game to get back to life (forever haha)


  • BMoorBMoor Member Posts: 202

    Acclaim messed up and shut down in favor for other types of games.

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    well they sold things to Playdom, but Playdom only has facebook trash games..

    some talked about frogster.. but.. nothing really happened..


    it was such a huge game world.. so nice views ..

    i want it back! mmorpg god, pleace say a word!

  • bobfishbobfish Member UncommonPosts: 1,679

    If they put it up for sale, someone would buy it, but I suspect like NCSoft and TR, they are being dicks and not letting anyone else have it out of some sense of spite.

  • InterestingInteresting Member UncommonPosts: 945

    The only interesting thing about Spellborn was the fact that their game was designed to be Subscription based, and it had no itemization at its core (items were merelly cosmethic, the best ones had a mediocre effect on overall character power).


    And then noone subscripted to play the game, for many reasons not worth mentioning, and then they tried to remake it as a F2P with cash shop.



    As I said, the only thing interesting was to see how would they plan on getting revenue out of micro-transactions in a game without itemization/power derived from equipment. There was no design for it since the beggining, the whole phylosophy behind the game was structured on their class/skill deck system.


    Having a cash shop for their model? I just wanted to see how they would have to "jump the shark" on that one. But it looks like they came to their senses and saw how not viable it was.


    It was awesome to stand above ground and long range enemies without being attacked back, using fences... now you can hit me, ooops, now you cant.... haha.... was fun for a while to exploit the INTENDED DESIGN of using terrain for strategical advantages.

  • project8sixproject8six Member Posts: 271

    Spellborn and Ryzom were both good games that never got the love they deserved.

    Spellborn would have been more fun had it been optomized to play decently.

    die. <3

  • ThorqemadaThorqemada Member UncommonPosts: 1,282

    I have to say it was very obvious that Spellborn would have a hard time bcs afaik it launched against AAA-Competition while its style was not apealing and the combat mechanic not so outstanding to play it only for this one thing.

    Many previewers posted articles it would be doomed on release and some times they are right.
    It was to ugly, to weird, unique like an ugly curiosity you watch for frightening.
    It never had any chance even with another publisher to become more than a 20k player game.

    If you are able to understand german read Olnigg about it - he forecasts its sure doom.

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  • Brone87Brone87 Member Posts: 244

    It really was a great game, I believe I was level 36 out of 50 with a level 16 alt before I finally threw in the towel and called it quits. The PVP was extraordinary, and the House system was brilliant if only the game had been more populated.

    It did have some flaws such as spells being bugged and when casters jumped while in mid cast they would float around making PVP extremely difficult and buggy looking at times. Also the quest system didn't hold your hand and you really had to look around for certain objects and caves which sometimes would become frustrating since the first 10 levels were fairly easy and it started getting much tougher from there on out.

    Oh well RIP Spellborn and acclaim thanks for my 65$ refund I received from unused coins :P

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112




    that game was a peace of artwork!

    if one dont like that, well then he didnt like that kind of art.


    and i really loved the skill system. the whole fight was great..

    actually i dont find a game which could compare to spellborn.


    for gods sake i safed my screenshots, from that beloved huge world.


  • JazqaJazqa Member Posts: 465

    This game was fucking awesome! To be honest I can't understand why the hell does games like Silkroad and Knight online have like 100 times more players than this game ever had. I would be happy to pay the monthly fee to play this game with decent population.

    I only played like 30hours or so but the game was probably the best game I have played for free.

  • OreguruOreguru Member Posts: 40

    the game sucked, really...really sucked, deepthroat :D with all facial opportunnities provided.

    Didnt really evolve since closed beta into release. Marketing and financial fail , as overall having no idea what they were doing was pretty much the reason the game failed.

    When it released, if i wasnt follower since closed beta, i wouldnt even knew it existed, no publicity of any kind, until it went downwards with negative info mostly.


    Wasnt that fun, well..not really big failure, but it wasn't decent imo.

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  • arrowotwoodarrowotwood Member Posts: 66

    Originally posted by I_Return

    controls where not great. The rolling UI was neat but it was a gimmick, it served no real purpose at all.  The graphics  where great, but the fact that the game ran poorly on high end systems was another issue. Content was the same as every other game, fed x and kill quests.

    I actually have a TCoS painting here that I won from mmorpg.com.. wonde rhow much it is worth now :)

    A gimmick? Surely you haven't paid any attention to changing your bar during your gametime... 

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  • agent010agent010 Member Posts: 7

    It's not that Acclaim shut it down, it's that acclaim is shutting down.

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