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No Personal Character

pmaurapmaura Member UncommonPosts: 530

Maybe its me but its seems this game is focusing more on playing wonder women or batman in a specific scenario then it is about my hero saving the day, or my hero teaming up with on of them or goin against one.

So is DC onlline more about DC superheroes then are own?:


  • VercinVercin Member UncommonPosts: 326

    I think in only one PVP instance can you actually play as one of the DC heroes.

    Otherwise you play your owncharacter and team up with people like Superman and Batman, or if you are a villian, the  Joker and Lex.

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  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042

    You can make yourself look like any of the familiar heroes but you're not bound by that.

  • RaikoLivesRaikoLives Member Posts: 89

    It should be pretty much like CoH or CO (not TOO much like CO, I hope) in that you're Captain New-Hero, but instead of talking to "Sister Psyche" and Witchcraft" you'll be taling to some of the most recognisable (and awesome) Super Heroes in the history of comic books. Turning in missions for Batman. Beating up 12 "deft muggers" for Superman.


  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 11,574

    Yes most of this is true but you will have "virtual" arenas so that you will play as iconic DC characters like wonder woman, superman and batman.

  • RaikoLivesRaikoLives Member Posts: 89

    It's one branch of what I think is a 3 branch PvP system. There'll be standard PvP, playing with your own character, and for some reason I seem to think there's a third version... But I'd have to look up if I'm right about that. All in all "Iconic Play" is just a small part of the game and something you can avoid entirely if you want.


  • komarrkomarr Member UncommonPosts: 214

    In a certain respect it makes perfect sense.  In CoH or CO you can be "Super X".  In order to make itself stand out DCUO should let you play as one of their characters (at least in limited scenarios, which seems to be their aim).  No matter how close you can or are allowed to come, it's one thing to say your "Batdude" or "Die Fledermaus" but it's another to shout "I'M THE G.D. BATMAN!!!!!"

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  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Member Posts: 1,176

    As others have stated, and as I have read it, you only "play" the iconic characters in specialized PVP arenas/ zones made for that. Otherwise, you play your charcter and the iconics serve as your mentor in PVE which depends on the basis of your character concept.


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