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READ FIRST : Vindictus Keys



  • laserbmanlaserbman Member Posts: 7


    GO GO GO!!

  • MageAlucardMageAlucard Member Posts: 3

    omg invalid already nooooooo fair!!!!

  • mastavicmastavic Member Posts: 3

    Originally posted by laserbman


    GO GO GO!!

    Ah, I'm refreshing the forum page every 10 seconds or so and still couldn't register in time. Thanks for sharing though!

  • MageAlucardMageAlucard Member Posts: 3

    plz pm me or email me a beta key, i think i and my super awesome custom pc will do a great job in testing this game, personally i dont see why they dont just let everyone play, its an open beta!!! thats not open without keys, thats so dumb and lame.


    Email =

  • chibiexchibiex Member Posts: 3

    Hello!, If somebody could send me a Key, I'd appreciate it a lot

    thanks in advance! :3

  • yuri330yuri330 Member UncommonPosts: 25

    The game looks so awesome :O :)

    Or maybe pm me :P

  • lancelot76lancelot76 Member Posts: 119

    Post Deleted

  • tideodtideod Member UncommonPosts: 2

    I would love a key via PM as well

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne Member EpicPosts: 5,297

    If I could get a key ill pass on the two I get when signing up or give them back to the person who gives me a key.

    I'll also edit this post if I get one.

    PM me please.

    I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
  • richiemdrichiemd Member Posts: 5

    can someone send me a key please.. i will send them back both keys when i get them.

  • darkedone02darkedone02 Member UncommonPosts: 581

    I will like to have a key please?


  • booyashakasbooyashakas Member Posts: 1

    Hey all, if anyone's got a spare key I'd love to have one

    And I'll be back to pay it forward





  • atomicgooseatomicgoose Member Posts: 3

    Please send me a key I'll give the other 2 to other post or to the person who sent it to me.

    Hopefully everyone gets to play.

  • ScavsScavs Member Posts: 1

    Would also love to snag a key as well. I will most def spread the 2 keys I get out into this forum so if I get a key feel free to PM me.

  • ReepaReepa Member Posts: 1

    I would love to get a key as well plz!! i really want to play this game it looks amazing and already has a huge fanbase it looks amazing so plz if you dont mind sending me a key, my email is and of course will give out the 2 keys i recieve as well!!

  • s34bisquicks34bisquick Member Posts: 1


    If anyone has a key that they don't know who to give please send me one.


    The game looks very awesome, I'd like to pick stuff up and throw at things after bashing enemy heads in. :)

  • slaytoraslaytora Member Posts: 1

    can i borrow a key from someone please? il replace it with a key of equal or greater value immediatley


    thanks in advance

  • DreigonIdrieDreigonIdrie Member Posts: 8

    Would like to try it out  please send me a key

  • MajorToshiiMajorToshii Member Posts: 1

    Looking for a Key, I'll re-send 1 back to the one who sends one to me.  EMail me at .


    Thanks in advance.

  • B14cKs0LB14cKs0L Member UncommonPosts: 146









  • jordanclockjordanclock Member Posts: 24

    I'd love a beta key for this game. I'll give the two I get to others in the thread.

  • gmasterjugmasterju Member Posts: 2

    Lets keep it going I need a key please !


    thank you very much

  • VedstedsenVedstedsen Member Posts: 25

    I would also love a key

    Ill send new keys back, or to others, or whatever you want :p

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    Played: WoW, GW, DF, VG, Runescape, LoTRO, AoC

  • akathosakathos Member UncommonPosts: 179


    They have blocked the regions outside of USA, and Canada from accessing the game, I found out the long hard way of waiting hours for the download.. only to find no access ... There is a forum post on their official forum stating only the regions of USA and Canada have access and  the EU version is in the making... but won't be out for some time.

  • SemuneSemune Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Please send me a Beta Key. I'm wanting to play this game very badly. xD


    Will send the 2 extra keys to people within this board! Thank you! :)



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