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Jagex don't care about customers

jp-skate122jp-skate122 Member Posts: 3

If you get hacker then the hacker get you banned for scamming, botting or sumthing like that you will get autoresponded to your ban apeal this message for ever....


writing to their emails will do auto reply too


this is the standar auto message for ban apeal: even 6 year later the ban you will get this...

Thank you for sending in your offence appeal - you obviously care about your account, and making sure that you read our rules can help to ensure that you can avoid this situation happening again.

At Jagex, we examine offences and offence appeals very carefully before we come to our final decision.

In this instance, we have found that you were responsible for this offence, and therefore it will remain on your account.

We want you, and every other player, to be positively engaged in our community and the game - if you continue to break our rules, you may reach a point where you are limited to Quick Chat, or even excluded from the game on this account, or any other accounts you have.

What do you do now?

Go here to have a good read of the Rules of Conduct, there is also good advice on ensuring your account is kept secure in our Safety & Security Guidelines, located in the 'Customer Support' section of our website ( or

Have fun - enjoy the community and the game - and please don't spoil the experience of your fellow gamers.


Jagex Customer Support


  • DanoochDanooch Member Posts: 2

    I loved RS in 2006. No gay graphics, Wildy still existed. It was classic. Now I only play 'cause I'm addicted.

  • DojenDojen Member UncommonPosts: 134

    You're addicted to Runescape? I'm bored with it after  a week, lol. It's a very dull, very subpar game.

  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480

    I had a psychic vision of the future.  It told me they plan to shut down the customer support department and make it mostly automated. Making people redundant in the process.

    Just a "wild guess".

  • BermannBermann Member Posts: 40

    JaGeX is a British company, best known for producing the popular MMORPG Runescape. They have also made several other smaller games, that are not as famous. Examples are Vertigo and Gold Mine. They have been put down for having poor customer service. Jagex used to care greatly about the well-being of players, HOWEVER, now they say one thing when announcing updates, and doing the opposite!

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