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help with grafics on MU

joke2joke2 Member Posts: 1

is somebody can help... its the text sucks



  • ksoul1987ksoul1987 Member Posts: 28

    Ok, Many people have had the same problem.  The first thing I need to ask is:  Do you have Windows XP?  If so, I can help you. (Woo Hoo! :-D)

    Now, To fix your graphics, you need to disable the CLEARTYPE option which is located in the Properties of your Desktop, Right click and go to properties.  Then, go to apperence, and you will see 3 little boxes with pull-down menus...  And there are 2 others on the right hand side.  Click the one that says "Effect."  Now, you will see another 2 boxes.  Ignore the first box, and look at the 2nd one.  It should have CLEARTYPE in the little pull down box, and a check in the little box.  Un-check the little check, and click apply/ok, whichever you have.  You might want to re-start your computer after you do this.

    This CLEARTYPE option is also located in the control panel.  Go to Start > Control Panel > Display, You will also see the cleartype function.  You should un-check this one to, if it is not already.  Then, retart your computer.


    I've had the sameproblem.  But, I managed to find my CLEARTYPE, and disabled it.  My graphics are working fine.  Good-Luck, and Have fun.


    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

  • Whoa, You're high level, can you help me.

    I just started, I play on Maya 3 server.

    Name: Arkronus

  • It seems that you don't have a dragon helmet, I can give you one if you help.

  • GhostExileGhostExile Member Posts: 19

    whoa that screenshot dont seem as if it was taken on mu global if its a private server could you say how to get it?


  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17
    I wholeheartedly agree with you... please tell us!
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