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anyone playing RYL NA version???

stinky23stinky23 Member Posts: 1
need some help here guys....i'm a new rpg player here, and i wanna try the RYL but i dont know where to donwload the game....anyone knows???


  • BoacobBoacob Member Posts: 2
    HOw much does that game cost to play?
  • GhostExileGhostExile Member Posts: 19

    i think the game is free and im not sure where to download it but if you go on gamelist then click on it then go on links it will have the website!::::20::


  • carvaupar4carvaupar4 Member Posts: 27
    It is 50$ to buy and like 12$ a month. I tryed the beta and it is a great game, but it costs way to much to play.


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