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This is what needed...

hey most people out there are looking for a free mmorpg or mmog or anything just you need to know that its free right??? well i just hope that they would get those free stuffs here cause most people have been saying... from my friends to my cousins, they say that they don't have enough money to pay for those p2p online games.. they want those free online games... anyone out there agree with this???image


  • GhostExileGhostExile Member Posts: 19

    yeah i totally agree with this i mean the only rpg ive realy played is MU Online and i mean my pc's not in too good condition at the moment so i cant get all these good games on here that are free... but most rpg's are p2p at the moment but im sure if you realy realy wanted to get a free one you could look around on search engines and stuff...


  • WreakerWreaker Member Posts: 2

    I think that couldn't have been said better everyone of my friends have it the same way we all played the WoW beta but when it was released noone wanted to buy because the monthly fee !

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