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RPG games need help

hi im semi new to mmorpg and was wondering if possable that there is a way to find games that aint just grind based coz ive bin playing flyff for far to long and its getting very boring


so i was wondering if there is a free to play game out there with cash shop that is quest based where you have to do quests to lvl up and with some grinding aspect aswell


if i have put this in the wrong place im not realy that good with forums eek i no sad lol


hope some 1 can help me with this boring problem


  • GialloGiallo Member Posts: 4

    You will probably have the best luck looking for a pay to play game.  They tend to have more content and regular updates which is probably more conducive for what it appears that you're looking for.


    As for free to play.  You could try DDO, LoTRO, or EQ2.  All now have a free to play option supported by an Item mall and preium subscription option if you choose.  They're all quest/grind mix.  If you're looking for specific RP servers for those games I can't really help though.

  • kingkkevkingkkev Member Posts: 2

     no thank you m8 your adviseis better then my mind lol , ive bin told about DDO but havnt tryed it yet and i thought LoTRO was a pay to play and i have no idea what that EQ2 is lol never seen it >.> i so need to get with the times

    i am a big fan of the FF series but i cant realy afford to play it and plus i dont see the point in buying a game then having to pay to play it  but then again im not a hardcore gamer


    so if there is any free to play players out there that could guide me to a good quest based game please let me no

  • miraihimemiraihime Member Posts: 55

    LOTR just went kinda free to play....but the world you can explore will be limited.....
    EQ is kind of the father of all mmo's....XD

    As for games....well, i fell in love with 9dragons years ago....but they dumped it recently...T.T...and i'm afraid that that was the only free RPG focused multiplayer game i ever came accross....but you could wait for Guild Wars 2. (yes, it's not out yet). Guild wars 2 is a buy to play. you have your own story line and an open world.

    and you could ofcours use the search engine of this site....=D
    it has been especially designed for people like who are looking for a new game, and don't know where to start.

    It's kinda cruel to kill the innocent monsters standing in the fields picking daisies. -GW2-

  • GialloGiallo Member Posts: 4

    pay to play games average out to between 50 and 80 cents a day if you play the game for a year depending on how you pay.  If you pay month to month and play for a year, you'll spend like 15-25 dollars more for the year than you would if you subbed for a full year.  The benefits of a pay to play game are having a full time dev staff that's working to release new content and balance the game.  You'll get new artwork, instances, dungeons etc out of it.

    If you're looking for entertainment on the cheap, PtP mmo's give you a huge bang for your buck.

    EQ2 came out in 06... i think.  Anyway, it's the sequel to Everquest, which was the biggest MMO, subscriber wise, until World of Warcraft came out.  EQ2 has a ton of class and race combinations.  The newbie areas were full of quests.

    Of DDO, EQ2, and LoTRO I'd say the latter two are the stronger MMO's but since they're free I'd try them all anyway heh.

  • japojapo Member Posts: 306

    EQ2 has more quests than most games out there.  F2P with money options.



    Runes of Magic is also very good.


    Lord of the Rings Online just went free to play also



    These are probably the best "quest based games" you will find.

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    Help me choose between LOTRO or EQ2 ??

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