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Supreme Destiny

Neone have ne sugguestions that i should do, and neone hear nething more about the realease date?


  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    I am currently playing this game and it's ok. It is fun but then again I have only played for like 10 hours so far ( due to my work schedules LOL ). For a free game that is only in it's second week of Open Beta it's not too bad, only a few bugs that I have encountered and the community is not too bad. The major problem I have with this game is the lack of info available to the players as a hole. I have no idea what the different skills do and thus haven't bothered using my skill points or most of my mastery points as of yet. Also people are complaining about server down time and crashs though it has never happened to me as of yet. So like all games, especially free ones download the game and have a go. Either way there is nothing really to lose except an hour or two of your time....


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  • haz-fahaz-fa Member Posts: 23
    anyone know what the guild pvp is like in it?
  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    It's an ok game, played the beta before it was released for open testing.  Takes abit to get use to.


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