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Is it time for this forum to calve?

When mmorpg.com created this forum, Entropia Universe had 1 company, 1 planet, many colonists and a space station that was purchased by a colonist. Now, we have 2 active planets, one of which is a subsidiary of MindArk that reportedly has been purchased by a to be announced company, the other of which is a seperate corporate entity. More planets are "coming soon", each their own unique game, each with unique settings, lore, and adventures all on this common platform.


Which bears the question: Is it time for a Planet Calypso and Rocktropia forum here, with Next Island and others to follow suit when they come online?


IMO the game experience on the second planet partners site is so incongruous with my previous time on Calypso that it seems like a totally different game.


So, colonists of Calypso and Rocktropians...  is it time to carry ourselves to unique areas of mmorpg.com?


...and please spare me "This game suxors" comments. If you want to whine, just don't.  Go back to Maplestory or where ever and have fun.

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  • dar_es_balatdar_es_balat Member Posts: 438
    I think in all honesty that the forum traffic does not warrant subforums. Instead what community members need to do is give this forum some more attention and relate to people that it still exists.

    When I first started posting on this particular subforum there was actually a question like that up near the top of the list! That never looks good.

    I doubt MMORPG.com will give this game much attention though. Theyre much more focused on Hello Kitty's Mortal Online Adventures and World of Runescape.

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