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Beta key chain



  • Sapca11Sapca11 Member Posts: 8

    Thank you iFarm. One key from me , let's keep this rolling.



  • ProsonProson Member UncommonPosts: 544

    Need a key please :) Someone PM me one if they got and i would be very happy!

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  • IncanussIncanuss Member Posts: 5

    yup still need a key here to, just pm it to me plz.

  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 3,955

    By chance any keys for a poor destitute soul? =)

  • scarykids2scarykids2 Member UncommonPosts: 74

    i could use a key please and ill keep this chain going ><

  • skeaserskeaser Member UncommonPosts: 4,026

    Grab 'em quick!



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  • jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,694

    Key please, kind sir.

  • A.DantesA.Dantes Member Posts: 148

    I'm hunting for a key as well if anyone has one spare.

  • BashirBashir Member Posts: 85

    if anyone has an extra key, i'd like one please. 

  • PurpleCliffPurpleCliff Member UncommonPosts: 156

    Here's one, chew before you swallow:



  • AadienAadien Member UncommonPosts: 220

    I would really like one, Thanks!

  • alazyguyalazyguy Member Posts: 92
    Originally posted by PurpleCliff

    Here's one, chew before you swallow:




    Here's one.

  • trueneisotrueneiso Member Posts: 1

    You guys are awsome!

  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 3,955

    ty rothgar and to keep this going: 96E07306E1F04B2CA05C


  • PurpleCliffPurpleCliff Member UncommonPosts: 156

    And here's another 'cause I <3 you all


  • VexylVexyl Member Posts: 30

    Originally posted by alazyguy


    Thanks. Here's one. 79B55F3253054AEA9E1A


    Thanks. Keep the chain going: 


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  • BashirBashir Member Posts: 85


  • Lolman42226Lolman42226 Member Posts: 1

    Another two keys.



  • A.DantesA.Dantes Member Posts: 148

    Two keys:



  • SilverbarrSilverbarr Member Posts: 306

    Enjoy everyone, thanks for the key:



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  • BashirBashir Member Posts: 85

    here's the other one.  enjoy!



  • BlizzMXBlizzMX Member Posts: 6

    Please bring me 1 beta key ... i wanna play this game Thx

  • MnemiMnemi Member UncommonPosts: 55

    I need a key aswell, would much appreciate it! :)

  • ImmercenaryImmercenary Member Posts: 55

    thanks for key 2 more now being sent out via pm`s 

  • XeaousXeaous Member UncommonPosts: 34

    Id like a key if possible. Will send out 2 keys once I get mine.

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